For the Love of Snail Mail

I'll use my favorite Holidays -Leave it to me - or You choose the dates.

Lots of Original Artwork. Handcrafted Items. Uplifting letters.  Many Hand Decorated Envelopes.
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A Holiday Every Day


Ten Recognized Holidays

Nationally Recognized Holiday List - This service covers10 widely recognized U.S. Holidays. We will send a matching Holiday card to the list you provide at the appropriate times. You don't have to do anything -just provide the addresses to send the card(s) to and we do the rest.

Jan 1- New Years Day                                                   Jun 19 - Father's Day 
Feb 2 - Ground Hog's Day                                           Jul 4 - Independence Day
Feb 20- President'sDay                                                 Oct 31 - Halloween   
Mar 17 - St Patricks Day                                              Nov 24 - Thanksgiving Day
May 8 - Mother's Day                                                       Dec 25 - Christmas Day       
Snail-Mail feels like that pesonal touch!
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Your Holidays

Never miss another Anniversary, Birthday, Holiday, or Family/Friend Celebration Day.

Provide the list of dates and addresses and we will send specially selected cards to the address list you provide prior to the date you indicate in a timely manner. Impress them.
Snail-Mail can celebrate everything !

Super Hero Holidays

Super FunMail - Celebrate the Super Hero Holidays. We will send matching FunMail to the address(es) provided picked from those listed below (or those you tell us about).

These 19 Admired Super Heroes are just a sampling. Plus SuperHero Day on April 28th.

Antman;                                                         Martian ManHunter
Aquaman;                                                      Paul Blart
Batman;                                                          Red Arrow
Captain America;                                       Spiderman
Captain Marvel;                                          Stargirl
Daredevil;                                                      Superman
The Flash;                                                      Thor
Green Arrow;                                              Tigra
Green Lantern;                                           Wolverine
Iron Man;                                                       Wonder Woman

Snail-Mail says: I'm thinking of you.
Click Here to see a Full List of Hero Holidays
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Making sure I get my snail-mail.

Snowbirds Mail Forwarding

Let us forward your mail to you as an alternative to having the post office 'hold' your mail.

Whether you are in your summer home or winter retreat all you have to do is provide the current address you want your mail to be forwarded to and use our address as your maildrop and we will forward your mail to the address you tell us is current. Keep your mail coming to you without those long delays.
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FunMail is fun. FunMail is a surprise. FunMail is cute and inspiring.

Endless FunMail - or just one FunMail

Celebrate a friend, a loved one, a special day, a stranger, a co-worker. Surprise someone. We will send a "Fun" mailing weekly for one address or for as many addresses as you provide. Send as many Fun Mails for as many days as you want, to as many addresses as you like. We will send matching FunMail for Fun Days we love. We choose the Fun Days or you choose them. Choose from our list or tell us your favorites.

Click here to see a sample FunMail and answer that question:  What's in a FunMail?

 FunMail Service
Snail-Mail keeps me anonymous when I want to be.

Top Secret Mail

Tree City Mail will forward mail you send to us to the address you have told us or the address you put on a pre-addressed envelope. USA mail only.

You provide the address and the contents and we will mail it for you. When you would rather not use your own return address or have the receiver see your local postmark then we will send that mail for you. The receiver will only see our postmark.
When you have something you would like to say to someone but you want to remain anonymous then this is the service for you.
Are you a secret admirer? We can mail that special letter, note or card for you.
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The Celebrations never end with FunMail.

Foody Holidays FunMail

Celebrate the one thing we all love and we can all agree we can't do without - food. You bet! We love art, we love snail-mail, we love having fun and boy do we love to eat, so celebrating food is a natural for us. We have a food (or beverage) Holiday for every day of the year. Join the fun or suprise a co-worker, friend, neighbor or family member with a Foody FunMail. Send a different one to different people all year long. Or you can let us pick our favorites! mmmm 

Click here to see a Foody Holiday List

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Snail-Mail is something you can hold and look at again and again. It's personal.

Pen Pal Direct Mail

Would you like a FunMail sent to you? Sure! (We like them too).Need a little lift? Let me write to you personally, directly with a message meant just for you. And fun things too of course.

All about fun, all about joy. Receive encouraging, uplifting letters, notes and cards. Positive messages will come your way chosen with you in mind.
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