Unusual Holidays List

Here are some Holidays you might not have celebrated before - More reasons to send FunMail

2-Jan Saturday Run Up the Flagpole-See if Anyone Salutes
3-Jan Sunday Festival of Sleep Day
3-Jan Sunday Fruitcake Toss Day
3-Jan Sunday Humiliation Day
4-Jan Monday Trivia Day
6-Jan Wednesday Cuddle Up Day
6-Jan Wednesday Bean Day
7-Jan Thursday Old Rock Day
8-Jan Friday Bubble Bath Day
8-Jan Saturday Male Watcher's Day
9-Jan Saturday Play God Day
10-Jan Sunday Houseplant Appreciation Day
20-Jan Sunday Peculiar People Day
11-Jan Monday Step in a Puddle-Splash Your Friends Day
12-Jan Tuesday Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day
12-Jan Tuesday National Pharmacist Day
13-Jan Wednesday International Skeptics Day
13-Jan Wednesday Make Your Dream Come True Day
15-Jan Friday National Hat Day
16-Jan Saturday Appreciate a Dragon Day
16-Jan Saturday National Nothing Day
17-Jan Sunday Ditch New Years Resolutions Day
18-Jan Monday Thesaurus Day
21-Jan Thursday National Hugging Day
23-Jan Saturday Measure Your Feet Day
23-Jan Saturday National Handwriting Day
24-Jan Sunday Beer Can Appreciatin Day
24-Jan Sunday Compliment Day
25-Jan Monday Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
25-Jan Monday Opposite Day
26-Jan Tuesday Spouse's Day
27-Jan Wednesday Punch the Clock Day
28-Jan Thursday Fun at Work Day
28-Jan Thursday Data Privacy Day
28-Jan Thursday National Kazoo Day
29-Jan Friday National Puzzle Day
30-Jan Saturday National Inane Answering Message Day
31-Jan Sunday Backward Day
31-Jan Sunday Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

1-Feb Monday National Freedom Day
2-Feb Tuesday Candlemas
3-Feb Wednesday The Day the Music Died
4-Feb Thursday Create a Vacuum Day
4-Feb Thursday Thank a Mailman Day
5-Feb Friday National Weatherman's Day
6-Feb Saturday Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day
6-Feb Saturday Lame Duck Day
7-Feb Sunday Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day
7-Feb Sunday Send a Card to a Friend Day
7-Feb Sunday Superbowl Sunday
8-Feb Monday Boy Scout Day
8-Feb Monday Chinese New Year
8-Feb Monday Clean Out Your Computer Day
8-Feb Monday Kite Flying Day
9-Feb Tuesday Mardi Gras/ Fat Tuesday
10-Feb Wednesday Ash Wednesday
10-Feb Wednesday Umbrella Day
11-Feb Thursday Make a Friend Day
11-Feb Thursday National Inventors Day
11-Feb Thursday White T-Shirt Day
12-Feb Friday Abraham Lincoln's Birthday
13-Feb Saturday Get a Different Name Day
14-Feb Sunday Ferris WheelDay
14-Feb Sunday National Organ Donor Day
15-Feb Monday Singles Awareness Day
16-Feb Tuesday Do a Grouch a Favor Day
17-Feb Wednesday Random Acts of Kindness Day
18-Feb Thursday National Battery Day
19-Feb Friday National Chocolate Mint Day
20-Feb Saturday Cherry Pie Day
20-Feb Saturday Hoodie Hoo Day
21-Feb Sunday Card Reading Day
22-Feb Monday George Washington's Birthday
22-Feb Monday Be Humble Day
22-Feb Monday International World Thinking Day
23-Feb Tuesday Tennis Day
26-Feb Friday Tell a Fairy Tale Day
26-Feb Friday Pistol Patent Day
26-Feb Friday Carnival Day
27-Feb Saturday No Brainer Day
28-Feb Sunday Floral Design Day
28-Feb Sunday Oscar Night
28-Feb Sunday Public Sleeping Day
28-Feb Sunday National Tooth Fairy Day
29-Feb Monday Leap Day

2-Mar Wednesday Old Stuff Day
3-Mar Thursday Caregiver Appreciation Day
3-Mar Thursday I Want You to Be Happy Day
3-Mar Thursday If Pets Had Thumbs Day
3-Mar Thursday National Anthem Day
3-Mar Thursday Peach Blossom Day
4-Mar Friday Employee Appreciation Day
4-Mar Friday Holy Experiment Day
4-Mar Friday Hug a GI Day
4-Mar Friday National Salesperson Day
5-Mar Saturday Multiple Personality Day
6-Mar Sunday Dentist's Day
8-Mar Tuesday Be Nasty Day
8-Mar Tuesday International Working Women's Day
9-Mar Wednesday Panic Day
10-Mar Thursday Middle Name Pride Day
11-Mar Friday Johnny Appleseed Day
11-Mar Friday Worship of Tools Day
12-Mar Saturday Girl Scouts Day
12-Mar Saturday Plant a Flower Day
13-Mar Sunday Jewel Day
13-Mar Sunday Ear Muff Day
15-Mar Tuesday Ides of March
15-Mar Tuesday Dumbstruck Day
15-Mar Tuesday Incredible Kid Day
15-Mar Tuesday National Agriculture Day
15-Mar Tuesday Everything You Think is Wrong Day
15-Mar Tuesday Tea for Two Tuesday
16-Mar Wednesday Freedom of Information Day
16-Mar Wednesday Everything You Do is Right Day
17-Mar Thursday Submarine Day
17-Mar Thursday St Patrick's Day
18-Mar Friday Goddess of Fertility Day
19-Mar Saturday National Quilting Day
20-Mar Sunday International Earth Day
20-Mar Sunday Extraterrestrial Abductions Day
20-Mar Sunday Proposal Day
21-Mar Monday Credit Card Reduction Day
21-Mar Monday Fragrance Day
22-Mar Tuesday National Goof Off Day
23-Mar Wednesday Near Miss Day
26-Mar Saturday Make Up Your Own Holiday Day
27-Mar Sunday National "Joe" Day
28-Mar Monday Dyngus Day
29-Mar Tuesday National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day
29-Mar Tuesday Smoke and Mirrors Day
30-Mar Wednesday National Doctor's Day
30-Mar Wednesday I Am In Control Day
30-Mar Wednesday Take a Walk in the Park Day
31-Mar Thursday Bunsen Burner Day
31-Mar Thursday World Backup Day

1-Apr Friday International Fun at Work Day
1-Apr Friday International Tatting Day
1-Apr Friday National Walk to Work Day
2-Apr Saturday Children's Book Day
2-Apr Saturday Reconciliation Day
3-Apr Sunday Do Not Go to Work Unless It Is Fun Day
3-Apr Sunday Tweed Day
3-Apr Sunday World Party Day
4-Apr Monday Hug a Newsman Day
4-Apr Monday National Walk to Work Day
4-Apr Monday Walk Around Things Day
4-Apr Monday School Librarian Day
4-Apr Monday Tell a Lie Day
5-Apr Tuesday Go For Broke Day
6-Apr Wednesday National Tartan Day
6-Apr Wednesday Plan Your Epitaph Day
6-Apr Wednesday Sorry Charlie Day
7-Apr Thursday No Housework Day
7-Apr Thursday World Health Day
8-Apr Friday All is Ours Day
8-Apr Friday Draw a Picture of a Bird Day
9-Apr Saturday Name Yourself Day
9-Apr Saturday Winston Churchill Day
10-Apr Sunday Golfer's Day
10-Apr Sunday National Siblings Day
11-Apr Monday Eight Track Tape Day
11-Apr Monday Barbershop Quartet Day
12-Apr Tuesday Big Wind Day
12-Apr Tuesday Russian Cosmonaut Day
13-Apr Wednesday Scrabble Day
14-Apr Thursday Ex Spouse Day
14-Apr Thursday International Moment of Laughter Day
14-Apr Thursday Look Up at the Sky Day
14-Apr Thursday Reach as High as You Can Day
15-Apr Friday Rubber Eraser Day
15-Apr Friday Titanic Remembrance Day
16-Apr Saturday Husband Appreciatin Day
16-Apr Saturday National Librarian Day
16-Apr Saturday National Stress Awareness Day
17-Apr Sunday Blah, Blah, Blah Day
18-Apr Monday International Juggler's Day
18-Apr Monday Newspaper Columnists Day
18-Apr Monday Patriots Day
20-Apr Wednesday Look Alike Day
20-Apr Wednesday Volunteer Recognition Day
21-Apr Thursday Kindergarten Day
21-Apr Thursday National High Five Day
22-Apr Friday Girl Scout Leader Day
23-Apr Saturday Lover's Day
23-Apr Saturday Take a Chance Day
23-Apr Saturday World Laboratory Day
25-Apr Monday East Meets West Day
26-Apr Tuesday Hug An Australian Day
26-Apr Tuesday Richter Scale Day
27-Apr Wednesday Aministrative Professionals Day
27-Apr Wednesday Babe Ruth Day
27-Apr Wednesday Tell a Story Day
28-Apr Thursday International Astronomy Day
28-Apr Thursday Great Poetry Reading Day
28-Apr Thursday Kiss Your Mate Day
28-Apr Thursday Take Your Daughter to Work Day
29-Apr Friday Greenery Day
30-Apr Saturday Hairstyle Appreciation Day
30-Apr Saturday National Honesty Day

1-May Sunday May Day
1-May Sunday Loyalty Day
1-May Sunday Mother Goose Day
2-May Monday Baby Day
2-May Monday Brothers and Sisters Day
3-May Tuesday Lumpy Rug Day
3-May Tuesday National Teachers Day
3-May Tuesday World Press Freedom Day
4-May Wednesday Renewal Day
4-May Wednesday Star Wars Day
5-May Thursday Cinco De Mayo
6-May Friday International Tuba Day
6-May Friday Military Spouses Day
6-May Friday National Tourist Appreciation Day
6-May Friday National Hurses Day
6-May Friday No Diet Day
6-May Friday Space Day
7-May Saturday Birth Mother's Day
7-May Saturday National Tourism Day
8-May Sunday Iris Day
8-May Sunday No Socks Day
8-May Sunday World Red Cross Day/Red Crescent Day
9-May Monday Lost Sock Memorial Day
10-May Tuesday Clean Up Your Room Day
11-May Wednesday Eat What You Want Day
11-May Wednesday National Receptionist Day
11-May Wednesday School Nurses Day
11-May Wednesday Twilight Zone Day
12-May Thursday Fatigue Syndrome Day
12-May Thursday International Nurses Day
12-May Thursday Limerick Day
13-May Friday Blame Someone Else Day
13-May Friday Friday the 13th
13-May Friday Leprechaun Day
14-May Saturday Dance Like a Chicken Day
14-May Saturday National Train Day
15-May Sunday Police Officer's Memorial Day
16-May Monday Love a Tree Day
16-May Monday National Sea Monkey Day
16-May Monday Wear Purple for Peace Day
17-May Tuesday Pack Rat Day
18-May Wednesday International Museum Day
18-May Wednesday No Dirty Dishes Day
18-May Wednesday Visit Your Relatives Day
19-May Thursday Boy's Club Day
20-May Friday Be a Millionaire Day
20-May Friday National Bike to Work Day
21-May Saturday Armed Forces Day
21-May Saturday National Memo Day
21-May Saturday National Waiters and Waitresses Day
22-May Sunday Buy a Musical Instrument Day
22-May Sunday World Goth Day
23-May Monday Lucky Penny Day
24-May Tuesday Victoria Day (Canada)
25-May Wednesday National Missing Children's Day
25-May Wednesday Tap Dance Day
26-May Thursday Sally Ride Day
27-May Friday Sun Screen Day
28-May Saturday Amnesty International Day
28-May Saturday International Jazz Day
28-May Saturday Learn About Composting Day
30-May Monday Water a Flower Day
31-May Tuesday Save Your Hearing Day
31-May Tuesday World No Tobacco Day

1-Jun Wednesday Dare Day
1-Jun Wednesday Flip a Coin Day
2-Jun Thursday National Bubba Day
3-Jun Friday Repeat Day (Repeat Day)
4-Jun Saturday Old Maid's Day
4-Jun Saturday National Trails Day
5-Jun Sunday World Environment Day
6-Jun Monday National Gardening Exercise Day
6-Jun Monday National Yo-Yo Day
8-Jun Wednesday Name Your Poison Day
8-Jun Wednesday Best Friends Day
9-Jun Thursday Donald Duck Day
12-Jun Sunday Red Rose Day
13-Jun Monday Sewing Machine Day
14-Jun Tuesday Monkey Around Day
15-Jun Wednesday Smile Power Day
16-Jun Thursday Nursing Assistants Day (TBA)
18-Jun Saturday International Sushi Day
18-Jun Saturday Go Fishing Day
18-Jun Saturday International Panic Day
18-Jun Saturday National Hollerin' Contest Day
18-Jun Saturday National Splurge Day
18-Jun Saturday World Juggler's Day
19-Jun Sunday National Kissing Day
19-Jun Sunday World Sauntering Day
20-Jun Monday Finally Summer Day
21-Jun Tuesday Go Skate Day
21-Jun Tuesday International Yoga Day
23-Jun Thursday National Columnists Day
23-Jun Thursday National Pink Day
24-Jun Friday Swim a Lap Day
24-Jun Friday Take Your Dog to Work Day
25-Jun Saturday Log Cabin Day
26-Jun Sunday Beautician's Day
26-Jun Sunday Forgiveness Day
27-Jun Monday Sun Glasses Day
28-Jun Tuesday Insurance Awareness Day
28-Jun Tuesday Paul Bunyan Day
29-Jun Wednesday Camera Day
29-Jun Wednesday Hug Holiday
29-Jun Wednesday International Mud Day
30-Jun Thursday Meteor Day

1-Jul Friday Canaday Day / Dominion Day
1-Jul Friday International Joke Day
2-Jul Saturday I Forgot Day
2-Jul Saturday Workd UFO Day
3-Jul Sunday Build a Scarecrow Day
3-Jul Sunday Compliment Your Mirror Day
3-Jul Sunday Disobedience Day
3-Jul Sunday Stay Out of the Sun Day
4-Jul Monday National Country Music Day
5-Jul Tuesday National Bikini Day
5-Jul Tuesday Work-a-holics Day
6-Jul Wednesday International Kissing Day
8-Jul Friday Video Games Day
10-Jul Sunday Teddy Bear Picnic Day
11-Jul Monday Cheer Up the Lonely Day
11-Jul Monday World Population Day
12-Jul Tuesday Different Colored Eyes Day
13-Jul Wednesday Barbershop Music Appreciation Day
13-Jul Wednesday Embrace Your Geekness Day
13-Jul Wednesday Fool's Paradise Day
14-Jul Thursday Bastille Day
14-Jul Thursday Pandemonium Day
14-Jul Thursday National Nude Day
20-Jul Wednesday Moon Day
20-Jul Wednesday Ugly Truck Day
22-Jul Friday Hammock Day
24-Jul Sunday Cousins Day
24-Jul Sunday Amelia Earhart Day
25-Jul Monday Threading the Needle Day
26-Jul Tuesday All or Nothing Day
26-Jul Tuesday Aunt and Uncle Day
27-Jul Wednesday Take Your Pants for a Walk Day
29-Jul Friday System Administrator Appreciation Day
30-Jul Saturday Father-In-Law Day
31-Jul Sunday International Day of Friendship

4-Aug Thursday U.S. Coast Guard Day
5-Aug Friday Work Like a Dog Day
7-Aug Sunday Wiggle Your Toes Day
7-Aug Sunday Friendship Day
7-Aug Sunday International Forgiveness Day
7-Aug Sunday National Lighthouse Day
8-Aug Monday Sisters Day
9-Aug Tuesday Chinese Valentine's Day/Daughter's Day
10-Aug Wednesday Book Lover's Day
11-Aug Thursday Lazy Day
11-Aug Thursday Presidential Joke Day
12-Aug Friday Son and Daughter Day
13-Aug Saturday Middle Child's Day
14-Aug Sunday Left Hander's Day
16-Aug Tuesday Relaxation Day
17-Aug Wednesday National Tell a Joke Day
18-Aug Thursday National Thriftshop Day
19-Aug Friday Bad Poetry Day
20-Aug Saturday Aviation Day
21-Aug Sunday National Radio Day
22-Aug Monday Senior Citizen's Day
23-Aug Tuesday Be An Angel Day
24-Aug Wednesday Ride the Wind Day
25-Aug Thursday Vesuvius Day
26-Aug Friday Kiss and Make-Up Day
27-Aug Saturday Women's Equality Day
28-Aug Sunday Global Forgiveness Day
29-Aug Monday Just Because Day
31-Aug Wednesday Frankenstein Day

1-Sep Thursday Emma Nutt Day (1st Phone Operator)
3-Sep Saturday Skyscraper Day
4-Sep Sunday Newspaper Carrier Day
5-Sep Monday Be Late for Something Day
6-Sep Tuesday Read a Book Day
6-Sep Tuesday Fight Procrastination Day
8-Sep Thursday Neither Rain nor Snow Day
8-Sep Thursday International Literacy Day
9-Sep Friday Pardon Day
10-Sep Saturday Teddy Bear Day
10-Sep Saturday Sewing Machine Day
11-Sep Sunday Swap Ideas Day
11-Sep Sunday Grandparents Day
11-Sep Sunday Make Your Bed Day
12-Sep Monday No New is Good News Day
13-Sep Tuesday National Video Games Day
13-Sep Tuesday Defy Superstition Day
13-Sep Tuesday Fortune Cookie Day
13-Sep Tuesday Positive Thinking Day
15-Sep Thursday Uncle Sam Day (1813)
15-Sep Thursday Felt Hat Day
16-Sep Friday Make a Hat Day
16-Sep Friday American Legion Day
16-Sep Friday Collect Rocks Day
16-Sep Friday Step Family Day
16-Sep Friday Mayflower Day
16-Sep Friday National Play Doh Day
17-Sep Saturday Working Parents Day
17-Sep Saturday Constitution Day
18-Sep Sunday Citizenship Day
19-Sep Monday National Women's Friendship Day
21-Sep Wednesday International Talk Like a Pirate Day
21-Sep Wednesday Miniature Golf Day
21-Sep Wednesday World Gratitude Day
22-Sep Thursday International Peace Day
22-Sep Thursday Autumnal Equinox
23-Sep Friday Business Women's Day
23-Sep Friday Native American Day
24-Sep Saturday Checkers Day
26-Sep Monday National Comic Book Day
27-Sep Tuesday Johnny Appleseed Day
27-Sep Tuesday Oktoberfest Begins in Germany
28-Sep Wednesday Crush a Can Day
28-Sep Wednesday Ask a Stupid Question Day
29-Sep Thursday National Good Neighbor Day
30-Sep Friday Confucius Day
30-Sep Friday National Mud Pack Day

1-Oct Saturday International Frugal Fun Day
2-Oct Sunday Name Your Car Day
2-Oct Sunday National Custodial Worker Day
2-Oct Sunday Oktoberfest Begins in Germany
3-Oct Monday Techies Day
3-Oct Monday Virus Appreciation Day
4-Oct Tuesday National Golf Day
4-Oct Tuesday National Frappe Day
5-Oct Wednesday Do Something Nice Day
5-Oct Wednesday World Teacher's Day
6-Oct Thursday Come and Take it Day
6-Oct Thursday Mad Hatter Day
6-Oct Thursday Physician Assistant Day
7-Oct Friday Bald and Free Day
7-Oct Friday World Smile Day
8-Oct Saturday American Tough Tag Day
9-Oct Sunday Fire Prevention Day
9-Oct Sunday Leif Erikson Day
9-Oct Sunday Curious Events Day
10-Oct Monday International Newspaper Carrier Day
11-Oct Tuesday It's My Party Day
12-Oct Wednesday Cookbook Launch Day
12-Oct Wednesday Emergency Nurses Day
12-Oct Wednesday National Fossil Day
12-Oct Wednesday Moment of Frustration Day
12-Oct Wednesday Old Farmers Day
12-Oct Wednesday Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day
13-Oct Thursday International Skeptics Day
14-Oct Friday Be Bald and Free Day
15-Oct Saturday White Cane Safety Day
15-Oct Saturday Sweetest Day
16-Oct Sunday Bosses Day
16-Oct Sunday Dictionary Day
17-Oct Monday Wear Something Gaudy Day
18-Oct Tuesday No Beard Day
19-Oct Wednesday Evaluate Your Life Day
21-Oct Friday Babbling Day
21-Oct Friday Count Your Buttons Day
22-Oct Saturday Make a Difference Day
23-Oct Sunday Mother-In-Law Day
23-Oct Sunday TV Talk Show Host Day
24-Oct Monday United Nations Day
25-Oct Tuesday Punk for a Day Day
27-Oct Thursday National Tell a Story Day
27-Oct Thursday Navy Day
28-Oct Friday Frankenstein Friday
28-Oct Friday Plush Animal Lover's Day
29-Oct Saturday Hermit Day
29-Oct Saturday National Frankenstein Day
30-Oct Sunday Mischief Night
31-Oct Monday Increase Your Psychic Powers Day

1-Nov Tuesday All Saint's Day
2-Nov Wednesday All Soul's Day
2-Nov Wednesday Look for Circles Day
2-Nov Wednesday Plan Your Epitaph Day
3-Nov Thursday Housewife's Day
3-Nov Thursday Men Make Dinner Day
3-Nov Thursday Sandwich Day
4-Nov Friday King Tut Day
5-Nov Saturday Book Lovers Day
5-Nov Saturday Gunpowder Day
5-Nov Saturday Guy Fawkes Day
6-Nov Sunday Marooned Without a Compass Day
6-Nov Sunday Saxaphone Day
8-Nov Tuesday U.S. General Election Day
8-Nov Tuesday Dunce Day
8-Nov Tuesday Young Reader's Day
9-Nov Wednesday Chaos Never Dies Day
10-Nov Thursday Forget-Me-Not Day
10-Nov Thursday USMC Day
12-Nov Saturday Chicken Soup for the Soul Day
13-Nov Sunday Caregiver Appreciation Day
13-Nov Sunday Sadie Hawkins Day
13-Nov Sunday World Kindness Day
14-Nov Monday Operating Room Nurse Day
14-Nov Monday World Diabetes Day
15-Nov Tuesday Clean Your Refrigerator Day
15-Nov Tuesday America Recycles Day
15-Nov Tuesday National Philanthropy Day
16-Nov Wednesday Button
16-Nov Wednesday Have a Party with Your Bear Day
17-Nov Thursday Electronic Greeting Card Day
17-Nov Thursday Great American Smokeout Day
17-Nov Thursday Take a Hike Day
17-Nov Thursday World Peace Day
18-Nov Friday Occult Day
19-Nov Saturday National Adoption Day
20-Nov Sunday Absurdity Day
20-Nov Sunday Beautiful Day
20-Nov Sunday Universal Children's Day
21-Nov Monday False Confession Day
21-Nov Monday World Hello Day
22-Nov Tuesday Go For a Ride Day
23-Nov Wednesday National Tie One On Day
24-Nov Thursday All Our Uncles Are Monkeys Day
24-Nov Thursday Evolution Day
25-Nov Friday Black Friday
25-Nov Friday Buy Nothing Day
25-Nov Friday You Are Welcome Day
26-Nov Saturday Shopping Reminder Day
27-Nov Sunday Pins and Needles Day
28-Nov Monday Make Your Own Head Day
28-Nov Monday Red Planet Day
29-Nov Tuesday Square Dance Day
30-Nov Wednesday Stay at Home Because You are Well Day

1-Dec Thursday World HIV Awareness Day
3-Dec Saturday National Roof Over Your Head Day
4-Dec Sunday Santa's List Day
4-Dec Sunday Wear Brown Shoes Day
5-Dec Monday Bathtub Party Day
5-Dec Monday Repeal Day
6-Dec Tuesday St Nicholas Day
6-Dec Tuesday Mitten Tree Day
6-Dec Tuesday Put On Your Own Shoes Day
7-Dec Wednesday International Civil Aviation Day
7-Dec Wednesday Letter Writing Day
7-Dec Wednesday Pearl Harbor Day
9-Dec Friday Christmas Card Day
10-Dec Saturday Human Rights Day
11-Dec Sunday International Children's Day
12-Dec Monday National Ding-a-Ling Day
12-Dec Monday Poinsettia Day
13-Dec Tuesday Violin Day
15-Dec Thursday Bill of Rights Day
19-Dec Monday Look for an Evergreen Day
20-Dec Tuesday Go Caroliing Day
21-Dec Wednesday Forefather's Day
21-Dec Wednesday Look On The Bright Side Day
21-Dec Wednesday National Flashight Day
21-Dec Wednesday Winter Solstice Day
21-Dec Wednesday Humbug Day
23-Dec Friday Roots Day
23-Dec Friday Festivus
26-Dec Monday Boxing Day
27-Dec Tuesday Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day
28-Dec Wednesday Card Playing Day
31-Dec Saturday Make Up Your Mind Day
31-Dec Saturday Unlucky Day