* in front indicates it lands on the same date every year  

1-Jan *Copyright Law Day  
1-Jan Commitment Day  
1-Jan Bloody Mary Day Foody
1-Jan *Ellis Island Day  
1-Jan *Euro Day  
1-Jan Birthday of Ororo Munroe SuperHero   Storm
1-Jan Birthday of Illyana Rasputina  SuperHero   Magik
1-Jan *First Foot Day  
1-Jan *Global Family Day  
1-Jan Apple Gifting Day Foody
1-Jan *Mummer's Parade  
1-Jan *New Years Day Traditional
1-Jan *New Year's Dishonor List Day  
1-Jan *Polar Bear Plunge or Swim Day  
1-Jan Rose Bowl Game 2016
1-Jan *Tournament of Roses Parade Day  
1-Jan *World Day of Peace  
1-Jan *Z Day  
2-Jan *55-MPH Speed Limit Day  
2-Jan National Cream Puff Day Foody
2-Jan Earth at Perihelion  
2-Jan Feast of Rebirth Triexian Feast and Celebration (Star Trek)
2-Jan Fruitcake Toss Day 1st Saturday  Foody
2-Jan *Happy Mew Year for Cats Day Critter
2-Jan *National Buffet Day Foody
2-Jan *National Motivation and Inspiration Day  
2-Jan *National Personal Trainer Awareness Day  
2-Jan *National Science Fiction Day  
3-Jan *Pet Travel and Safety Day Critter
3-Jan *Drinking Straw Day  
3-Jan *J.R.R. Tolkien Day  
3-Jan Birthday of Jim Corrigan  SuperHero The Spectre
3-Jan *Memento Mori "Remember You Die" Day  
3-Jan *National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day Foody
4-Jan Blue Monday  1st Monday of the Year. But It Can't Fall on New Years Day
4-Jan *Dimpled Chad Day  
4-Jan Divorce Monday 1st Monday of year which is when most feel that divorces are filed
4-Jan National Weigh-In Day: Always 1st Monday after New Years
4-Jan *Pop Music Chart Day  
4-Jan "Thank God It's Monday" Day 1st Monday
4-Jan *Tom Thumb Day  
4-Jan National Spaghetti Day Foody
4-Jan *Trivia Day  
4-Jan *World Braille Day  
4-Jan *World Hypnotism Day   
5-Jan National Whipped Cream Day Foody
5-Jan *National Bird Day Critter
6-Jan *Epiphany or Twelfth Night  
6-Jan Bean Day Foody
6-Jan *National Technology Day:  
6-Jan National Shortbread Day Foody
6-Jan *Three Kings Day  
7-Jan *Harlem Globetrotter's Day  
7-Jan *I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore Day  
7-Jan *International Programmers' Day   
7-Jan *Orthodox Christmas  
7-Jan Birthday of Sandra Knight  SuperHero Phantom Lady
7-Jan Captain Marvel Day SuperHero
7-Jan Buck Rogers SuperHero
7-Jan *National Bobblehead Day  
7-Jan *National Tempura Day Foody
8-Jan *Argyle Day  
8-Jan *Earth's Rotation Day  
8-Jan *National English Toffee Day  Foody
8-Jan *Midwife's Day or Women's Day  
8-Jan *National Bubble Bath Day  
8-Jan *National Joy Germ Day  
8-Jan *Show and Tell Day at Work  
8-Jan *War on Poverty Day  
9-Jan *Balloon Ascension Day  
9-Jan *Law Enforcement Appreciation Day  
9-Jan *National Cassoulet Day Foody
9-Jan National Apricot Day Foody
9-Jan *National Static Electricity Day  
9-Jan National Vision Board Day 2nd Saturday
9-Jan *Panama's Martyr Day  
10-Jan *League of Nations Day  
10-Jan Bittersweet Chocolate Day Foody
10-Jan *National Cut Your Energy Costs Day  
10-Jan National Sunday Supper Day 2nd Sunday  Foody
10-Jan Save the Eagles Day Critter
10-Jan No Pants Subway Ride Day  
10-Jan Stephen Foster Day  
11-Jan *Cigarettes Are Hazardous To Your Health Day  
11-Jan *Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day  
11-Jan Milk Day Foody
11-Jan Birthday of Maria Aracely Penalba  SuperHero Hummingbird
11-Jan Batarael Halii (Star Trek)
11-Jan Hot Toddy Day Foody
11-Jan Birthday of Andrew Nolan SuperHero Ferro Lad
11-Jan National Clean Off Your Desk Day 2nd Monday
11-Jan *National Human Trafficking Awareness Day  
12-Jan Bean Day 2nd Tuesday   Foody
12-Jan *Kiss A Ginger Day (Red Heads)
12-Jan Marzipan Day Foody
12-Jan National Poetry at Work Day 2nd Tuesday
12-Jan Birthday of Brin Londo  SuperHero Timber Wolf
12-Jan Curried Chicken Day Foody
12-Jan *Make Your Dream Come True Day  
13-Jan *National Sticker Day  
13-Jan *Public Radio Broadcasting Day  
13-Jan National Peach Melba Day Foody
13-Jan *Rubber Duckie Day  
13-Jan *Caesarean Section Day  
14-Jan *International Kite Day  
14-Jan *National Dress Up Your Pet Day Critter
14-Jan Birthday of Guy Williams-Don Diego de la Vega SuperHero Zorro
14-Jan National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day Foody
14-Jan *Organize Your Home Day  
14-Jan *Ratification Day  
15-Jan *Annoy Squidward Day (aka Your Boss) From Spongebob SquarePants
15-Jan *Humanitarian Day Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday. Started in 2009
15-Jan Strawberry Ice Cream Day Foody
15-Jan International Fetish Day 3rd Friday
16-Jan *Appreciate A Dragon Day Critter
16-Jan *Civil Service Day  
16-Jan *National Fig Newton Day Foody
16-Jan *Nothing Day  
16-Jan Birthday of Wally West  SuperHero Kid Flash
16-Jan *Religious Freedom Day  
16-Jan Soup Swap Day Foody
16-Jan *Without A Scalpel Day  
17-Jan *Cable Car Day  
17-Jan *Hot Heads Chili Days  
17-Jan Hot Buttered Rum Day Foody
17-Jan *Judgment Day  
17-Jan Birthday of Kent Nelson  SuperHero Doctor Fate
17-Jan *Kid Inventors' Day  
17-Jan *National Bootleggers Day  
17-Jan National Sanctity of Human Life Day (or Pro-Life Day) 3rd Sunday
17-Jan *Popeye Day SuperHero 
17-Jan World Religion Day 3rd Sunday
18-Jan National Crowd Feed Day Always on Martin Luther King Day  
18-Jan National Day of Service  
18-Jan *Pooh (Winnie The) Day Critter
18-Jan Birthday of Roy Lincoln  SuperHero The Human Bomb
18-Jan *Thesaurus Day  
18-Jan Peking Duck Day Foody
18-Jan Martin Luther King Day 3rd Monday
18-Jan Robert E. Lee Day 3rd Monday
19-Jan *National Popcorn Day Alternate date Superbowl Sunday   Foody
19-Jan *Tin Can Day  
19-Jan *World Day of Migrants and Refugees  
20-Jan *Camcorder Day  
20-Jan National Granola Bar Day Foody
20-Jan *National Cheese Lovers Day Foody
20-Jan *Penguin Awareness Day Critter
20-Jan National Buttercrunch Day Foody
20-Jan *Inauguration Day  
20-Jan *National Disc Jockey Day Go to 1958
20-Jan *Rid The World of Fad Diets and Gimmicks Day  
21-Jan Get to Know Your Customers Day 3rd Thursday of Each Quarter
21-Jan *National Hugging Day  
21-Jan *Squirrel Appreciation Day Different than Squirrel Awareness Month in October   Critter
21-Jan New England Clam Chowder Day Foody
21-Jan *Thank Your Mentor Day  
21-Jan Women's Healthy Weight Day Thursday of 3rd full week - Healthy Weight Week
22-Jan *National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day Critter
22-Jan *Celebration of Life Day  
22-Jan Festival of Qu'batlh  Klingon (Star Trek)
22-Jan Hot Sauce Day Foody
22-Jan *Roe vs. Wade Day  
22-Jan National Blonde Brownie Day Foody
22-Jan Data Innovation Day  
23-Jan *National Handwriting Day  
23-Jan *National Pie Day Foody
23-Jan *Snowplow Mailbox Hockey Day  
23-Jan A.F.R.M.A. Fancy Rat & Mouse Day Critter
24-Jan *Belly Laugh Day  
24-Jan *Beer Can Day  
24-Jan Change a Companion Animal's Life Day Critter
24-Jan National Bible Sunday  
24-Jan *National Compliment Day  
24-Jan *National Peanut Butter Day Foody
24-Jan *Talk Like A Grizzled Prospector Day  
24-Jan Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day 4th Saturday
25-Jan *A Room of One's Own Day  
25-Jan *Macintosh Computer Day Apple considers Jan 25th the anniversay day for celebration
25-Jan *National Irish Coffee Day Also oberved on March 17 Foody
25-Jan *Opposite Day  
25-Jan *Robert Burns Day  
25-Jan Tu B'shuvat  
25-Jan Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day Always the last Monday
26-Jan *Lotus 1-2-3 Day  
26-Jan *National Peanut Brittle Day Foody
26-Jan National Pistachio Day Foody
26-Jan *Toad Hollow Day of Encouragement  
27-Jan *Auschwitz Liberation Day  
27-Jan *Holocaust Memorial Day  
27-Jan *International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust  
27-Jan *International Mobile Phone Recycling Day \
27-Jan Birthday of Al Pratt  SuperHero Atom
27-Jan *National Geographic Day  
27-Jan Chocolate Cake Day Foody
27-Jan *Thomas Crapper Day  
27-Jan Bald Eagle Appreciation Day Critter
27-Jan *Viet Nam Peace Day  
28-Jan *Data Privacy Day  
28-Jan Birthday of Gim Allon  SuperHero Colossal Boy
28-Jan National Blueberry Pancake Day Foody
28-Jan *National Kazoo Day  
28-Jan Rattlesnake Round Up Critter
28-Jan *Thank A Plugin Developer Day  
29-Jan *Curmudgeons Day  
29-Jan Fun at Work Day Last Friday
29-Jan National Corn Chip Day Foody
29-Jan *Freethinkers Day  
29-Jan National Pre-school Fitness Day Last Friday
29-Jan Birthday of Arthur Curry  SuperHero Aquaman
29-Jan *National Puzzle Day  
29-Jan *Seeing Eye Guide Dog Day Critter  Birthday 1929
29-Jan *Thomas Paine Day  
30-Jan *National Croissant Day Foody
30-Jan *Inane Answering Message Day  
30-Jan John Reid-Ex Texas Ranger SuperHero The Lone Ranger
30-Jan National Seed Swap Day Last Saturday  Foody
31-Jan *Appreciate Your Social Security Check Day  
31-Jan Brandy Alexander Day Foody
31-Jan *Inspire Your Heart with Art Day  
31-Jan *Street Children Day Different than the one on April 12th
31-Jan *World Leprosy Day Last Sunday

February * in front indicates it lands on the same date every year  
1-Feb *Car Insurance Day  
1-Feb *Change Your Password Day  
1-Feb *Decorating With Candy Day Foody
1-Feb *G.I. Joe Day  
1-Feb *Hula in The Coola Day  
1-Feb *International Face & Body Art Day  
1-Feb * Freedom Day  
1-Feb National Baked Alaska Day Foody
1-Feb *Robinson Crusoe Day  
1-Feb *Serpent Day Critter
1-Feb *Spunky Old Broads Day also all month
2-Feb *Ayn Rand Day  
2-Feb *Candelmas  
2-Feb * Day of the Crepe Foody
2-Feb *Crepe Day or La Chandeleur Foody
2-Feb *Groundhog Day Critter
2-Feb *Groundhog Job Shadow Day Critter
2-Feb *Hedgehog Day Critter
2-Feb *Imbolc  
2-Feb *Marmot Day Critter
2-Feb *Sled Dog Day Critter
2-Feb *World Play Your Ukulele Day  
2-Feb Heavenly Hash Day Foody
2-Feb *World Wetlands Day  
2-Feb African American Coaches Day 1st Tuesday
3-Feb *Four Chaplains Memorial Day  
3-Feb *The Day The Music Died  
3-Feb Cordova Ice Worm Day Critter
3-Feb National Carrot Cake Day Foody
3-Feb National Girls & Women in Sports Day 1st Sunday
4-Feb *Facebook's Birthday  
4-Feb *Liberace Day  
4-Feb *Medjoola Date Day  
4-Feb National Signing Day 1st Wednesday
4-Feb *Quacker Day Critter
4-Feb Homemade Soup Day Foody
4-Feb Stuffed Mushroom Day Foody
4-Feb *USO Day  
4-Feb *World Cancer Day  
5-Feb *Adlai Stevenson Day  
5-Feb *Move Hollywood & Broadway to Lebanon, PA Day  
5-Feb *Shower With A Friend Day  
5-Feb Birthday of Tasmia Malor  SuperHero Shadow Lass
5-Feb Chocolate Fondue Day Foody
5-Feb *Weatherman's [Weatherperson's] Day  
5-Feb *Western Monarch Day  
5-Feb *World Nutella Day Foody
5-Feb National Doodle Day  
5-Feb Give Kids A Smile Day 1st Friday
5-Feb Wear Red Day 1st Friday
5-Feb *World Animal Reiki Day Critter
5-Feb Kamala Khan  SuperHero Ms Marvel
5-Feb Bubble Gum Day 1st Friday  Foody
5-Feb Cordova Ice Worm Day First full weekend
6-Feb Girl Scout Cookie Day Foody
6-Feb *Canadian Maple Syrup Day Foody
6-Feb *International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation  
6-Feb *Lame Duck Day Critter
6-Feb Working Naked Day 1st Friday
6-Feb Ice Cream For Breakfast Day 1st Saturday  Foody
6-Feb Take Your Child To The Library Day 1st Saturday
7-Feb *Dump Your Significant Jerk Day First Day of Dump your Significant Jerk Week
7-Feb * "e" Day (math)  
7-Feb *Ballet Day  
7-Feb Fettuccine Alfredo Day Foody
7-Feb *Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day  
7-Feb *International Day of Black Women in The Arts  
7-Feb *National Periodic Table Day  
7-Feb Popcorn Day Super Bowl Sunday is the primary observance day  Foody
7-Feb Super Bowl 50  
7-Feb *Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbor's Day  
8-Feb *Boy Scout Anniversary Day  
8-Feb *Laugh and Get Rich Day  
8-Feb Losar Tibetan for New Year
8-Feb Man Day Sunday before Valinetine Day
8-Feb Birthday of Tenzil Kem  SuperHero Matter Eater Lad
8-Feb Green Lantern Day SuperHero
8-Feb Molasses Bar Day Foody
8-Feb Chinese New Year  
8-Feb *Opera Day  
9-Feb Mardi Gras  
9-Feb Bagel and Lox Day Foody
9-Feb *National Stop Bullying Day  
9-Feb *National Pizza Day Foody
9-Feb Paczki Day always Shrove Tuesday
9-Feb Birthday of Jessica Drew  SuperHero Spider Woman
9-Feb *Read in the Bathtub Day  
9-Feb Safer Internet Day 2nd Tuesday
9-Feb Birthday of Kate Bishop  SuperHero Hawkeye
9-Feb Birthday of Rex Mason  SuperHero Metamorpho
9-Feb *Toothache Day  
9-Feb Extraterrestrial Culture Day 2nd Tuesday
9-Feb Extraterrestrial Visitor Day 2nd Tuesday
9-Feb International Pancake Day Shrove Tuesday  Foody
9-Feb Pancake Day Race Always Shrove Tuesday, Between U.S. and England
10-Feb *Plimsoll Day  
10-Feb Birthday of Greg Sanders  SuperHero Vigilante
10-Feb Cream Cheese Brownie Day Foody
10-Feb *All The News That's Fit To Print Day  
11-Feb *Be Electrific Day  
11-Feb *Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day  
11-Feb *Get Out Your Guitar Day  
11-Feb Birthday of Rokk Krinn  SuperHero Cosmic Boy
11-Feb *Make A Friend's Day  
11-Feb May “Mayday” Parker  SuperHero Spider Girl
11-Feb *Pro Sports Wives Day  
11-Feb *National Shut-in Visitation Day  
11-Feb *Satisfied Staying Single Day  
11-Feb Peppermint Patty Day Foody
11-Feb Stress Awareness Day  
11-Feb *White Shirt Day or White T-shirt Day   
11-Jan *World Day of The Sick  
12-Feb *Darwin Day  
12-Feb *Lincoln's Birthday  
12-Feb National Plum Pudding Day Foody
12-Feb *NAACP Day  
12-Feb *Oglethorpe Day  
12-Feb *Paul Bunyan Day Born Feb. 12, 1834 in Bangor, ME
12-Feb *Safety Pup Day Critter
13-Feb *Desperation Day  
13-Feb *Employee Legal Awareness Day  
13-Feb Birthday of Vanessa Carlysle  SuperHero Copycat
13-Feb *Galentine's Day  
13-Feb Birthday of Jennifer Walters  SuperHero She Hulk
13-Feb Birthday of Alison Blaire  SuperHero Dazzler
13-Feb *Get a Different Name Day  
13-Feb National Tortellini Day Foody
13-Feb *International Condom Day  
13-Feb *Madly In Love With Me Day  
13-Feb *World Radio Day  
13-Feb World Whale Day 3rd Saturday  Critter
14-Feb Autism Sunday 2nd Sunday
14-Feb *Batman Sticker Day SuperHero 
14-Feb *Ferris Wheel Day  
14-Feb *International Book Giving Day  
14-Feb *Frederick Douglass Day  
14-Feb *Pet Theft Awareness Day Critter
14-Feb *Library Lovers Day  
14-Feb *National Have A Heart Day  
14-Feb *National Condom Day  
14-Feb *(World) Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day  
14-Feb *League of Women Voters Day  
14-Feb *National Women's Heart Day  
14-Feb Great Back Yard Bird Count Critter
14-Feb *Race Relations Day  
14-Feb *Singles Awareness Day or Singles Appreciation Day  
14-Feb National Nest Box Week Critter
14-Feb *National Donor Day  
14-Feb National Cream Filled Chocolates Day Foody
14-Feb *Quirky Alone Day:  
14-Feb *Valentines Day  
14-Feb World Marriage Day 2nd Sunday
15-Feb Clean Out Your Computer Day 2nd Monday
15-Feb *Angelman Syndrome Day  
15-Feb Grammy Awards  
15-Feb *Lupercalia  
15-Feb *National Gum Drop Day Foody
15-Feb *National Hippo Day Critter
15-Feb Presidents Day  
15-Feb *Remember The Maine Day  
15-Feb *Susan B. Anthony Day  
15-Feb Westminster Dog Show Critter
16-Feb *Kyoto Protocol Day  
16-Feb *National Almond Day Foody
17-Feb *Champion Crab Races Day Critter
17-Feb *My Way Day  
17-Feb National Indian Pudding Day Foody
17-Feb *National PTA Founders Day  
17-Feb Random Acts of Kindness Day Wednesday of Second Full Week
17-Feb *World Human Spirit Day  
18-Feb *Battery Day Volta's birthday
18-Feb *Cow Milked While Flying In An Airplane Day Critter
18-Feb *Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day Foody
18-Feb The Great American Spit Out Thursday of "Through With The Chew Week"
18-Feb *National Drink Wine Day Foody
18-Feb Crab Stuffed Flounder Day Foody
18-Feb *National Hate Florida Day  
18-Feb *Pluto  Day  Planet is Discovered by Clyde Tombaugh
19-Feb *Best Friends Day From Spongebob SquarePants
19-Feb *Chocolate Mint Day Foody
19-Feb Birthday of Bruce Wayne  SuperHero Batman
19-Feb *National Lashes Day  
19-Feb Birthday of Faira Sar Namora  SuperHero Water Snake
19-Feb Women in Blue Jeans Days  
19-Feb *Iwo Jima Day (Landing)   
20-Feb *Love Your Pet Day Critter
20-Feb Birthday of Hal Jordan  SuperHero Green Lantern
20-Feb World Pangolin Day Critter  3rd Saturday in February
20-Feb *Northern Hemisphere Hoodie Hoo Day  
20-Feb National Cherry Pie Day Foody
20-Feb *World Day for Social Justice  
21-Feb *International Mother Language Day  
21-Feb Birthday of Jo Nah  SuperHero - Ultra Boy
21-Feb World Information Architecture Day 3rd Friday
21-Feb Sticky Bun Day Foody
21-Feb Daytona 500  
22-Feb Museum Advocacy Day Last Monday and Tuesday
22-Feb *National Margarita Day Foody
22-Feb Love Your Pet Day Critter
22-Feb *Woolworth's Day  
22-Feb *World Thinking Day  
22-Feb *George Washington's Birthday  
22-Feb *Tex Avery Day  
23-Feb *Curling is Cool Day  
23-Feb Banana Bread Day Foody
23-Feb *Diesel Engine Day  
23-Feb *Iwo Jima Day (flag raised)  
23-Feb *National Dog Biscuit Day Critter
23-Feb Spay Day USA Last Tuesday
23-Feb Single Tasking Day  
24-Feb *World Bartender Day  
24-Feb Birthday of Dirk Morgna  SuperHero Sun Boy
24-Feb Tortilla Chip Day Foody
24-Feb Inconvenience Yourself Day 4th Wednesday
25-Feb Introduce A Girl to Engineering Day Thursday of Engineering Week
25-Feb Choclate Covered Nuts Day Foody
25-Feb Clam Chowder Day Foody
25-Feb National Chili Day Last Thursday  Foody
26-Feb *National Personal Chef's Day  
26-Feb Birthday of "Gunner"  of The Losers SuperHero
26-Feb *For Pete's Sake Day  
26-Feb *Levi Strauss Day  
26-Feb *National Bacon Day Foody
26-Feb *World Pistachio Day Foody
27-Feb *Anosomia Awareness Day  
27-Feb *International Polar Bear Day Critter
27-Feb National Strawberry Day Foody
27-Feb National Day of Action Peace Corps
27-Feb Birthday of Lori Lemaris  SuperHero Mermaid of Atlantis
27-Feb National Kahlua Day Foody
27-Feb International Sword Swallowers Day Last Saturday
27-Feb Open That Bottle Night Last Saturday
28-Feb US Snow Shoe Days  
28-Feb  88th Academy Awards Ceremony  
28-Feb Chocolate Souffle' Day Foody
28-Feb *Floral Design Day  
28-Feb *National Tooth Fairy Day  
28-Feb *Rare Disease Day  
29-Feb National Cupcake Day (Canada) Foody
29-Feb Bachelor's Day  
29-Feb *International Underlings Day  On years with 29 days
29-Feb Surf and Turf Day Foody
29-Feb Leap Year Day  
29-Feb Birthday of Kal-El  SuperHero Superman
29-Feb Birthday of Captain Marvel SuperHero
29-Feb Rare Diseases Day  

March * in front indicates it lands on the same date every year  
1-Mar *Asiatic Fleet Memorial Day  
1-Mar *Dadgum That's Good Day Masterbuilt food products & cookbooks
1-Mar *National Black Women in Jazz & The Arts Day  
1-Mar Peace Corps Day 1st Tuesday
1-Mar *Endometriosis Day or Wear Yellow Day  
1-Mar *National Horse Protection Day Critter
1-Mar *National Peanut Butter Lovers Day Foody
1-Mar *Pig Day Critter
1-Mar *Plan a Solo Vacation Day  
1-Mar National Fruit Compote Day Foody
1-Mar *Refired, Not Retired Day  
1-Mar *Saint David's Day  
1-Mar *World Compliment Day  
1-Mar *Zero Discrimination Day  
2-Mar *Dr. Seuss Day  
2-Mar Banana Crème Pie Day Foody
2-Mar Porky Pigs Birthday 1937 Critter
2-Mar *NEA's Read Across America Day Nearest  School Day to Dr. Seuss's Birthday 3/2
3-Mar *I Want You To Be Happy Day  
3-Mar Mulled Wine Day Foody
3-Mar *International Ear Care Day  
3-Mar *National Mulled Wine Day  
3-Mar First Meal Celebrated once every 60 years on Meridian (Star Trek)
3-Mar World Book Day  
3-Mar *World Wildlife Day  Critter
3-Mar *National Anthem Day  
3-Mar Cold Cuts Day Foody
3-Mar *Princess Day  
3-Mar *What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs? Day  Critter
4-Mar *Benjamin Harrison Day  
4-Mar *Courageous Follower Day  
4-Mar Dress in Blue Day Always First Friday
4-Mar Lin Li Birthday SuperHero Nature Girl
4-Mar Employee Appreciation Day Always First Friday
4-Mar National Day of Unplugging 1st Friday and Saturday
4-Mar World Day of Prayer Always First Friday
4-Mar Shabbat Across America/Canada  
4-Mar *Holy Experiment Day  
4-Mar Last Meal Celebrated once every 60 years on Meridian (Star Trek)
4-Mar *International Scrapbooking Industry Day  
4-Mar Pound Cake Day Foody
4-Mar *March Forth-Do Something Day  
4-Mar *National Grammar Day  
4-Mar *Old Inauguration Day  
4-Mar *Toy Soldier Day  
5-Mar Free Dentistry Day Date could be different in different areas
5-Mar Iditarod 1st Saturday
5-Mar Birthday of Pat Dugan  SuperHero Stripes
5-Mar National Frozen Food Day 1st Saturday  Foody
5-Mar Sock Monkey Day 1st Saturday
5-Mar Kot'Baval Festival Klingon (Star Trek)
5-Mar Cheese Doodle Day Foody
5-Mar *National Absinthe Day Foody
5-Mar National Maple Syrup Days Foody
5-Mar *Saint Piran's Day  
5-Mar *Sofia Kovalevskaya Math Day Some schools celebrate this on different dates in March
5-Mar Iditarod Begins 1st Sunday in March
6-Mar *Day of The Dude  
6-Mar Daughters' and Sons' Day 1st Sunday in March
6-Mar Namesake Day 1st Sunday
6-Mar White Chocolate Cheesecake Day Foody
6-Mar Birthday of Aqualad  SuperHero
6-Mar *Oreo Cookie Day Foody
6-Mar Girl Scout Sunday The Sunday in Girl Scout Week
6-Mar National Frozen Food Day Foody
6-Mar Mothering Sunday  
7-Mar Casimir Pulaski Day 1st Monday 
7-Mar Crown Roast of Pork Day Foody
7-Mar Fun Facts About Names Day Monday of first full week
7-Mar National Aardvark Week Critter
7-Mar *National Be Heard Day  
7-Mar *National Cereal Day Foody
8-Mar International Pancake Day  IHOP   Foody
8-Mar *The Bikini Bottom Free Day From Spongebob SquarePants
8-Mar Check Your Batteries Day 2nd Sunday
8-Mar *Day for Women's Rights & International Peace  
8-Mar *Girls Write Now Day  
8-Mar *International Women's Day  
8-Mar Birthday of Giovanni "John" Zatara SuperHero
8-Mar *International Working Women's Day  
8-Mar *National Proofreading Day  
8-Mar *National Peanut Cluster Day Foody
8-Mar Organize Your Home Office Day 2nd Tuesday
8-Mar Unique Names Day Tuesday of first ful week
9-Mar *Barbie Day  
9-Mar Discover What Your Name Means Day Wednesday of first full week
9-Mar *Get Over It Day  
9-Mar Sharon Carter Birthday SuperHero Agent 13
9-Mar *Joe Franklin Day  
9-Mar National Crabmeat Day Foody
9-Mar *Panic Day  
9-Mar Registered Dietitian Day 2nd Wednesday
10-Mar *International Bagpipe Day  
10-Mar *International Day of Awesomeness  
10-Mar *Land Line Telephone Day  
10-Mar Tandy Bowen  SuperHero Dagger
10-Mar *Mario Day  
10-Mar Nametag Day Thursday of first full week
10-Mar *Salvation Army Day  
10-Mar Blueberry Popover Day Foody
10-Mar *US Paper Money Day  
10-Mar *Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day  
10-Mar World Kidney Day 2nd Thursday
11-Mar *Dream 2016 Day  
11-Mar *Johnny Appleseed Day  
11-Mar Wanda Maximoff  SuperHero Scarlet Witch
11-Mar Middle Name Pride Day Friday of first full week
11-Mar Neena Thurman  SuperHero Domino
11-Mar Oatmeal Nut Waffle Day Foody
11-Mar *World Plumbing Day  
11-Mar Birthday of Lee Travis SuperHero Crimson Avenger
11-Mar World Sleep Day 2nd Friday
12-Mar Genealogy Day Saturday of first full week
12-Mar *Girl Scout Birthday Day  
12-Mar Baked Scallops Day Foody
12-Mar International Fanny Pack Day 2nd Saturday
12-Mar National Urban Ballroom Dancing Day 2nd Saturday
13-Mar Daylight Savings Time Begins Turn clocks ahead one hour
13-Mar Digital Learning Day  
13-Mar *Donald Duck Day (See June 9)  Critter
13-Mar Coconut Torte Day Foody
13-Mar *Earmuffs Day  
13-Mar Carol Danvers Birthday SuperHero Captain Marvel
13-Mar *Good Samaritan Involvement Day  
13-Mar *K-9 Veterans Day Critter
13-Mar IUGAR Awareness Day [Medical]
13-Mar *Ken Day Barbie's Ken
13-Mar Rigellian Festival of Light Rivel VII (Star Trek)
13-Mar *L. Ron Hubbard Day  
13-Mar *National Open An Umbrella Indoors Day  
13-Mar *Smart & Sexy Day  
14-Mar Fill Our Staplers Day Always the day after daylight savings ends
14-Mar *International Ask A Question Day  
14-Mar *International Day of Action for Rivers  
14-Mar *MOTH-ER Day  
14-Mar Napping Day  Monday after daylight savings ends
14-Mar Learn About Butterflies Day Critter
14-Mar *Potato Chip Day Foody
14-Mar *Pi Day  Pi as in the math pi = 3.14159265 etc
14-Mar *Save a Spider Day I was advised to include all known observances and Holidays -yuck
15-Mar *Brutus Day  
15-Mar *Buzzards Day Critter
15-Mar *Ides of March  
15-Mar *International Day of Action Against Canadian Seal Slaughter  
15-Mar National Agriculture Day Foody
15-Mar *National Shoe The World Day  
15-Mar Pears He'lene Day Foody
15-Mar *True Confessions Day  
15-Mar *World Consumer Rights Day  
16-Mar *Freedom of Information Day On or nearest day to the 16th
16-Mar Brain Injury Awareness Day 3rd Wednesday
16-Mar *Black Press Day  
16-Mar *Curlew Day  
16-Mar National Panda Day Critter
16-Mar *Goddard Day  
16-Mar Kick Butts Day 3rd Wednesday
16-Mar *Lips Appreciation Day  
16-Mar Artichoke Hearts Day Foody
16-Mar *No Selfies Day  
16-Mar *St. Urho's Day  
17-Mar Absolutely Incredible Kid Day 3rd Thursday 
17-Mar Corned Beef and Cabbage Day Foody
17-Mar *Campfire Girls Day  
17-Mar Companies That Care Day 3rd Thursday  
17-Mar *St. Patrick's Day  
17-Mar *National Irish Coffee Day Also celebrated on January 25th
18-Mar *Awkward Moments Day  
18-Mar BYO Cup Day  7-Eleven
18-Mar Lohlunat Festival of the moon usually held at Suraya Bay on Risa (Star Trek)
18-Mar *Forgive Mom and Dad Day  
18-Mar Iced Oatmeal Cookie Day Foody
18-Mar *National Biodiesel Day  
19-Mar Antman Day SuperHero
19-Mar *Client's Day  
19-Mar Birthday of Barry Allen  SuperHero The Flash
19-Mar Corn Dog Day 3rd Saturday   Foody
19-Mar Earth Hour This pertains to turning off lights. Not the same as Earth Day.
19-Mar Endometriosis March Day  
19-Mar International Sports Car Racing Day 3rd Saturday
19-Mar Goddess of Fertility Day Day before the Spring Equinox
19-Mar *National Chocolate Caramel Day Foody
19-Mar *National Poultry Day Foody
19-Mar National Quilting Day Always 3rd Saturday
19-Mar *Operation Iraqi Freedom Day  
19-Mar *Swallows Return to San Juan Capistrano Day  
20-Mar *Alien Abduction Day Started in 2008 at Toronto Alien Festival
20-Mar *Atheist Pride Day Also another on June 6th
20-Mar *Bed-in For Peace Day John Lennon and Yoko Ono
20-Mar *Great American Meat Out Day Foody
20-Mar *International Astrology Day Spring Equinox
20-Mar World Sparrow Day Critter
20-Mar *International Day of Happiness  
20-Mar *French Language Day  
20-Mar *Kiss Your Fiancée Day  
20-Mar National Ravioli Day Foody
20-Mar *National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day  
20-Mar Bock Beer Day Foody
20-Mar Naw-Ruz  
20-Mar Ostara Spring Equinox
20-Mar *Proposal Day  
20-Mar World Frog Day Critter
20-Mar *Snowman Burning Day  
20-Mar Spring  Vernol Equinox
20-Mar World Storytelling Day Always Spring Equinox
20-Mar *Won't You Be My Neighbor Day  
20-Mar *World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People  
21-Mar *Afghanistan Day  
21-Mar *International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination  
21-Mar *International Day of Forests and The Tree  
21-Mar *International Day of Nowruz  
21-Mar Wa Festival Similar to Mardi Gras (Star Trek)
21-Mar *Memory Day  
21-Mar *National Common Courtesy Day  
21-Mar Strawberry Scones Day Foody
21-Mar *National Day of Action On Syringe Exchange  
21-Mar *National Renewable Energy Day  
21-Mar WE Day Various dates based on the city
21-Mar *National Single Parent Day  
21-Mar *Poetry Day  
21-Mar National French Bread day Foody
21-Mar *Spring Fairy Fun Day  
21-Mar *Twitter Day Social Media Application
21-Mar Well-Elderly or Wellderly Day 3rd Monday
21-Mar *World Down Syndrome Day  
22-Mar American Diabetes Association Alert Day 4th Tuesday
22-Mar *As Young As You Feel Day  
22-Mar *Education and Sharing Day  
22-Mar *International Day of The Seal Critter
22-Mar *National Goof-off Day  
22-Mar *Tuskegee Airmen Day  
22-Mar *World Day for Water  World Water Day
22-Mar *World Day of Metta  
23-Mar National Puppy Day Critter
23-Mar Melba Toast Day Foody
23-Mar *National Chia Day  
23-Mar *National Tamale Day Foody
23-Mar *Near Miss Day  
23-Mar Chip and Dip Day Foody
23-Mar Ta'Anit Esther  
23-Mar *OK Day  
23-Mar *World Meteorological Day  
23-Mar *International Day for the Right to the Truth  Concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for Dignity of Victims
24-Mar *National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day Foody
24-Mar Purim  
24-Mar *World Tuberculosis Day  
25-Mar *International Day of Remembrance  of The Victims of Slavery and The Transatlantic
25-Mar *International Day of Solidarity  with Detained and Missing Staff Members
25-Mar *National Day of Celebration of Greek & American Democracy  
25-Mar *National Medal of Honor Day  
25-Mar *Old New Year's Day  
25-Mar *Pecan Day Foody
25-Mar Lobster Newburg Day Foody
25-Mar *Tolkien Reading Day  
25-Mar *Vaffeldagen  Waffle Day
25-Mar World Marbles Day Always on Good Friday
26-Mar International Sister Cities Day  
26-Mar *Legal Assistants Day  
26-Mar *Make Up Your Own Holiday Day I choose -TreeCity FunMail Day!
26-Mar *Purple Day  
26-Mar *Spinach Day Foody
27-Mar Easter  
27-Mar Year of the Red Bird Celebrated once every 11 years (Star Trek)
27-Mar Plum Pudding Day Foody
27-Mar *Celebrate Exchange Day  
27-Mar Spanish Paella day Foody
27-Mar *Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day  
27-Mar *Viagra Day  
28-Mar *Barnum & Bailey Day  
28-Mar Be Mad Day 4th Saturday
28-Mar Dyngus Day Always Monday after Easter
28-Mar Mule Day Criter
28-Mar Something on a Stick Day Foody
28-Mar *Virtual Advocacy Day  
28-Mar Black Forest Cake Day Foody
28-Mar *Weed Appreciation Day  
29-Mar *Knights of Columbus Founders Day  
29-Mar *National Mom & Pop Business Owner's Day  
29-Mar Lemon Chiffon Cake Day Foody
29-Mar *Niagara Falls Runs Dry Day  
29-Mar *Texas Loves The Children Day  
30-Mar *Doctors Day  
30-Mar *Grass Is Always Browner On The Other Side Of The Fence Day  
30-Mar *I Am In Control Day  
30-Mar Manatee Appreciation Day Last Wednesday  Critter
30-Mar *Pencil Day  
30-Mar Turkey Neck Soup Day Foody
30-Mar *Torrents Day  
30-Mar *World Bi-polar Day  
31-Mar *Bunsen Burner Day  
31-Mar Tater Day  (sweet potatoes) Foody
31-Mar *Cesar Chavez Day  
31-Mar *International Hug A Medielvalist Day  
31-Mar Clams on the Half Shell Day Foody
31-Mar *International Transgender Day of Visibility  
31-Mar Oranges and Lemons Day Foody
31-Mar *National Prom Day  
31-Mar *National "She's Funny That Way" Day  
31-Mar *Terri's Day  

April * in front indicates it lands on the same date every year  
1-Apr American Crossword Puzzle Days  
1-Apr *April Fools  or All Fools Day or All Fools Day
1-Apr *Atheist Day  
1-Apr *Boomer Bonus Days  
1-Apr Hospital Admitting Clerks Day 1st Friday   
1-Apr National Walk To Work Day Always First Friday
1-Apr Sourdough Bread Day Foody
1-Apr *International Tatting Day  
1-Apr *Library Snap Shot Day  
1-Apr *Myles Day  
1-Apr *National Fun Day  
1-Apr National Fun at Work Day the 1st, or the following Thurs. if it falls on the weekend.
1-Apr *Poetry & The Creative Mind Day  
1-Apr *Reading is Funny Day  
1-Apr *Sorry Charlie Day  
1-Apr *St. Stupid Day  
1-Apr *US Air force Academy Day  
2-Apr Every Day is Tag Day 1st Saturday
2-Apr National Birding Day Critter
2-Apr *International Children's Book Day  
2-Apr International Pillow Fight Day Always First Saturday
2-Apr National Love Our Children Day 1st Saturday
2-Apr *National Ferret Day Critter
2-Apr *National Love Your Produce Manager Day  
2-Apr *National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day Foody
2-Apr *Reconciliation Day  
2-Apr Tangible Karma Day 1st Saturday
2-Apr *World Autism Day  
3-Apr *Don't Go To Work Unless It's Fun Day  
3-Apr *Fan Dance Day  
3-Apr *Find A Rainbow Day or Share a Rainbow Day
3-Apr Black Marriage Day  
3-Apr Ape Day-Jane Goodall's Birthday Critter
3-Apr *Pony Express Day  
3-Apr Chocolate Mousse Day Foody
3-Apr *Tweed Day  
3-Apr *Weed Out Hate: Sow The Seeds of Greatness Day  
4-Apr *International Day for Mine Awareness& Assistance in Mine Action  
4-Apr Square Root Day Does not occur every year.
4-Apr Tater Day  1st Monday  Foody
4-Apr *Victims of Violence Wholly Day  
4-Apr Cordon Bleu Day Foody
4-Apr *Vitamin C Day  
4-Apr *World Rat Day Critter
4-Apr World Stray Animal Day Cesar Millan (Dog Whisperer) - Ambassador  Critter
5-Apr Equal Pay Day  
5-Apr *National Deep Dish Pizza Day Foody
5-Apr First Contact Day Celebrating the flight of the Phoenix (Star Trek)
5-Apr Caramel Day Foody
5-Apr Raisin and Spice Bar Day Foody
5-Apr National Sexual Assault Awareness Month's Day of Action  SAAM
5-Apr *Read A Road Map Day  
6-Apr *Army Day  
6-Apr *Charlie the Tuna Day Critter
6-Apr *Drowsy Driver Awareness Day  
6-Apr *Hostess Twinkie Day Foody
6-Apr *International Day of Sport for Development and Peace  
6-Apr Childhelp National Day of Hope 1st Wednesday
6-Apr Caramel Popcorn Day Foody
6-Apr *National Student Athlete Day  
6-Apr National Walking Day 1st Wednesday
6-Apr *New Beers Eve Foody
6-Apr Paraprofessional Appreciation Day 1st Wednesday
6-Apr *Tartan Day  
6-Apr *Teflon Day  
6-Apr *The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Day  
6-Apr Whole Grain Sampling Day 1st Wednesday  Foody
7-Apr *Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Rwanda Genocide  
7-Apr *International Beaver Day Critter
7-Apr Coffee Cake Day Foody
7-Apr *International Snailpapers Day  
7-Apr *Metric System Day  
7-Apr National Alcohol Screening Day Thursday of the first full week
7-Apr *National Beer Day Foody
7-Apr *No Housework Day  
7-Apr *World Health Day (UN)  
7-Apr *World Health Organization Day  
8-Apr *Buddah Day Historical Birth Date
8-Apr *Draw A Picture of a Bird Day Critter
8-Apr *International Roma Day  
8-Apr *National Dog Fighting Awareness Day Critter
8-Apr Zoo Lovers Day Critter
8-Apr *Trading Cards For Grown-ups Day  
9-Apr *National Cherish An Antique Day  
9-Apr *National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day  
9-Apr National Empanada Day Foody
9-Apr *Appomattox Day  
9-Apr Baby Massage Day Always 2nd Saturday
9-Apr Chinese Almond Cookie Day Foody
9-Apr *Jenkins Ear Day  
9-Apr *Jumbo Day Elephant came to US and created the word for big in our language
9-Apr Slow Art Day 2nd Saturday
9-Apr *Winston Churchill Day  
10-Apr *ASPCA American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
10-Apr Global Day to End Child Sexual Abuse 2nd Sunday
10-Apr *National Farm Animals Day Critter
10-Apr *National Sibling Day  
10-Apr Cinnamon Crescent Day Foody
10-Apr *Salvation Army Founder's Day  
10-Apr *Safety Pin Day  
11-Apr *Barbershop Quartet Day  
11-Apr *Education and Sharing Day (Jewish)
11-Apr *International "Louie Louie" Day  
11-Apr *National Pet Day Critter
11-Apr *National Teach Children To Save Day  
11-Apr Companion Animal Day Critter
11-Apr National Cheese Fondue Day Foody
11-Apr *Submarine Day  
11-Apr *World Parkinson's Disease Day  
12-Apr *D.E.A.R. Day  Drop Everything And Read
12-Apr *Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day Foody
12-Apr *International Day of Human Space Flight  
12-Apr *International Day for Street Children  
12-Apr National Be Kind To Lawyers Day 2nd Tuesdasy
12-Apr National Library Workers Day 2nd Tuesday
12-Apr National Library Day Always the Tuesday of Livrary Week
12-Apr *National Licorice Day Foody
12-Apr *Walk on Your Wild Side Day  
13-Apr National Bookmobile Day Always 3rd Wednesday
13-Apr *Scrabble Day  
13-Apr National Peach Cobbler Day Foody
13-Apr *Thomas Jefferson Day  
13-Apr *Undiagnosed Children's Awareness Day  
14-Apr Vaisakhi  
14-Apr Celebrate Teen Literature Day Always Thursday of Library Week
14-Apr *Children with Alopecia Day  
14-Apr *Dictionary Day Always part of Library Week
14-Apr *International Moment of Laughter Day  
14-Apr *National Dolphin Day Critter
14-Apr *National Pecan Day Foody
14-Apr *Pan American Day  
14-Apr *Pathologists' Assistant Day  
14-Apr Spring Astronomy Day  
15-Apr Get to Know Your Customers Day 3rd Thursday of Each Quarter
15-Apr *Jackie Robinson Day  
15-Apr *McDonald's Day Foody
15-Apr National Day of Silence  
15-Apr *One Boston Day  
15-Apr Glazed Spiral Ham Day Foody
15-Apr *Rubber Eraser Day  
15-Apr *Take a Wild Guess Day  
15-Apr *That Sucks Day  
15-Apr *World Art Day DaVinci's Birthday
16-Apr Auctioneers Day 3rd Saturday
16-Apr Husband Appreciation Day 3rd Saturday
16-Apr *National Health Care Decisions Day  
16-Apr Day of the Mushroom Foody
16-Apr National Eggs Benedict Day Foody
16-Apr *National Orchid Day  
16-Apr Record Store Day 3rd Saturday
16-Apr *Save The Elephant Day Critter
17-Apr *International Bat Appreciation Day Emerge from Hibernation  Critter
17-Apr *Blah! Blah! Blah! Day  
17-Apr *Ellis Island Family History Day  
17-Apr National Cheeseball Day Foody
17-Apr *Ford Mustang Day  
17-Apr Healthy Kids Day Foody
17-Apr *International Haiku Poetry Day  
17-Apr *Malbec World Day  
17-Apr *Nothing Like A Dame Day  
18-Apr *Adult Autism Day  
18-Apr Boston Marathon 3rd Monday
18-Apr Income Tax Pay Day Special exception for 2016 Usually April 16
18-Apr *National Columnists' Day  
18-Apr *National Golf Day  
18-Apr *Animal Crackers Birthday Foody
18-Apr *National Lineman Appreication Day  
18-Apr *Pet Owners Independence Day  
18-Apr *World Amateur Radio Day  
19-Apr *Bicycle Day  
19-Apr *Education & Sharing Day  
19-Apr National Amaretto Day Foody
19-Apr *John Parker Day  
19-Apr *National Garlic Day Foody
19-Apr *National Hanging Out Day  
19-Apr *Oklahoma City Bombing Commemoration Day  
19-Apr National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day The day after income taxes are due (usually the 17th)
19-Apr National Stress Awareness Day First workday after income taxes are due (usually the 17th)
20-Apr *Chinese Language Day  
20-Apr Pineapple Upside Cake Day Foody
20-Apr *International Cli-Fi Day  
20-Apr *National Cheddar Fries Day Foody
20-Apr *National Pot Smokers Day  
21-Apr *Bulldogs are Beautiful Day Critter
21-Apr High Five Day 3rd Thursday
21-Apr National Ask An Atheist Day  
21-Apr National D.A.R.E. Day 3rd Thursday
21-Apr *Kindergarten Day  
21-Apr *National Chocolate-Covered Cashews Day Foody
21-Apr *National Surprise Drug Test Day Foolows National Pot Smokers Day (4/20)
21-Apr Queen's Birthday   
22-Apr *Chemists Celebrate The Earth Day  
22-Apr *Earth Day  
22-Apr *Girl Scout Leaders Day  
22-Apr *Global Selfie Earth Day  NASA
22-Apr *"In God We Trust Day" Day (coins)
22-Apr *Mother Earth Day  
22-Apr April Showers Day  
22-Apr *National Jelly Bean Day Foody
22-Apr Passover  
22-Apr Satchmo Days  
23-Apr *English Language Day  
23-Apr *Impossible Astronaut Day Dr Who
23-Apr *National Dance Day  
23-Apr *National Lost Dog Awareness Day Critter
23-Apr National Picnic Day Foody
23-Apr *Movie Theatre Day  
23-Apr Ancestors Eve Neelix (Star Trek)
23-Apr *Talk Like Shakespeare Day  
23-Apr Cherry Cheesecake Day Foody
23-Apr *World Book & Copyright Day  
23-Apr *World Book Night  
24-Apr *Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day  
24-Apr *International Sauvignon Blanc Day Foody
24-Apr National Pet Parent's Day Last Sunday  Critter
24-Apr Pinhole Photography Day Always Last Sunday
24-Apr Mother, Father Deaf Day Last Sunday
24-Apr World Day for Animals in Laboratories Critter
24-Apr Sylvester the Cat's Birthday Critter
24-Apr National Pigs-In-A-Blanket Day Foody
24-Apr *New Kids on The Block Day  
24-Apr *World Meningitis Day  
25-Apr *DNA Day  
25-Apr Eeyore's Birthday Day Last Saturday  Critter
25-Apr *Hairstylists Appreciation Day  
25-Apr *Hug A Plumber Day or Plumbers Day  
25-Apr *International Marconi Day  
25-Apr *License Plates Day  
25-Apr Zuchinni Bread Day Foody
25-Apr *National Mani-pedi Day  
25-Apr *Malaria Awareness Day  
25-Apr *Parental Alienation Day  
25-Apr *Red Hat Society Day  
25-Apr *World Penguin Day Critter
26-Apr *Audubon Day Critter
26-Apr *Hug An Australian Day  
26-Apr *Lesbian Visibility Day  
26-Apr *National Help A Horse Day Critter
26-Apr *National Kids and Pets Day Critter
26-Apr *National Pretzel Day Foody
26-Apr *Richter Scale Day  
26-Apr *World Intellectual Property Day  
27-Apr Administrative Professionals Day or Secretary's Day  
27-Apr *Babe Ruth Day  
27-Apr International Guide Dogs Day Last Wednesday
27-Apr *Mantanzas Mule Day Critter
27-Apr Woody Woodpecker Day Critter
27-Apr National Prime Rib Day Foody
27-Apr *Morse Code Day  
27-Apr *National Little Pampered Dog Day Critter
28-Apr *Biological Clock Day  
28-Apr *Brave Hearts Day  
28-Apr Poem In Your Pocket Day Last Thursday
28-Apr National Blueberry Pie Day Foody
28-Apr *Workers Memorial Day  
28-Apr *World Day for Safety and Health at Work  
28-Apr Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day 4th Thursday
29-Apr Arbor Day Last Friday
29-Apr Bats Day Critter
29-Apr *Day of Remembrance for all Victims of Chemical Warfare  
29-Apr *International Dance Day  
29-Apr National Hairball Awareness Day Always Last Friday
29-Apr Shrimp Scampi Day Foody
29-Apr National Teach Your Children To Save Day  
29-Apr * "Peace" Rose Day The flower
29-Apr *World Wish Day  
29-Apr *Zipper Day  
30-Apr *Adopt A Shelter Pet Day Critter
30-Apr *Beltane  
30-Apr Bob Wills Day Last Saturday
30-Apr *Bugs Bunny Day Critter
30-Apr *Díá De Los Niños / Díá De Los Libros Day  
30-Apr *International Jazz Day  
30-Apr International Table Top Day  
30-Apr *National Animal Advocacy Day Critter
30-Apr National Go Birding Day Last Saturday
30-Apr National Herb Day Last Saturday    Foody
30-Apr *National Honesty Day  
30-Apr National Kiss of Hope Day Last Saturday
30-Apr National Rebuilding Day Last Saturday
30-Apr National Sense of Smell Day Last Saturday
30-Apr Save The Frogs Day Last Saturday   Critter
30-Apr *Spank Out Day - USA  
30-Apr National Raisin Day Foody
30-Apr *Walpurgis Night  
30-Apr World Day for Animals in Laboratories Last Saturday
30-Apr World Healing Day Last Saturday
30-Apr World Tai Chi & Qigong Day Last Saturday
30-Apr World Veterinary Day Last Saturday   Critter

May * in front indicates it lands on the same date every year  
1-May *Amtrak Day  
1-May *Batman Day SuperHero 
1-May *Beltane  
1-May Save the Rhino Day Critter
1-May *Executive Coaching Day  
1-May Chocolate Parfait Day Foody
1-May *Global Love Day  
1-May International Bereaved Mothers' Day 1st Sunday
1-May National Infertility Survival Day 1st Sunday
1-May *Keep Kids Alive! Drive 25 Day  
1-May *Law Day  
1-May *Lei Day  
1-May Lemonade Day Foody
1-May *Loyalty Day  
1-May *May Day  
1-May *Mother Goose Day  
1-May Motorcycle Mass & Blessing of The Bikes Day 1st Sunday
1-May *National Bubba Day  
1-May *National Purebred Dog Day Critter
1-May *New Homeowner's Day  
1-May Rural Life Sunday 1st Sunday
1-May *School Principals' Day  
1-May *Silver Star Day  
1-May *Stepmother's Day  
1-May World Laughter Day 1st Sunday
2-May Melanoma Monday 1st Monday
2-May Truffle Day Foody
2-May National Library Legislative Day  
2-May *Roberts Rule of Order Day  
3-May Childhood Depression Awareness Day 1st Tuesday
3-May *Garden Meditation Day  
3-May *Lumpy Rug Day  
3-May *National Special-abled Pets Day Critter
3-May *National Two Different Colored Shoes Day  
3-May Hug Your Cat Day Critter
3-May *Paranormal Day  
3-May Chocolate Custard Day Foody
3-May *Public Radio Day  
3-May National Teacher Day 1st Tuesday of the first full week
3-May *SAN Architect Day  
3-May World Asthma Day 1st Tuesday
3-May *World Press Freedom Day  
4-May Bike To School Day  
4-May *National Life Insurance Day  
4-May Yom HaShoah  Holocaust Remembrance Day at Sundown
4-May Great American Grump Out 1st Wednesday
4-May *Intergalactic Star Wars Day May the Fourth Be With You!
4-May *International Firefighters Day  
4-May *International Respect for Chickens Day Critter
4-May National Day to Prevent Teen & Unplanned Pregnancy 1st Wednesday
4-May Occupational Safety & Health Day Wednesday of the first full week
4-May Bird Day Critter
4-May Orange Juice Day Foody
4-May *Petite and Proud Day  
4-May *World Give Day  
5-May *Cartoonists Day  
5-May *Childhood Stroke Awareness Day  
5-May Hoagie Day Foody
5-May *Cinco de Mayo  
5-May *International Day of The Midwife  
5-May *International Roller Derby Day  
5-May Isra Al Mi'Raj  
5-May Martin Z. Mollusk Day 1st Thursday
5-May National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day Thursdays of the first full week
5-May National Day of Prayer 1st Thursday
5-May National Day of Reason 1st Thursday
5-May *Totally Chipotle Day Foody
5-May *Revenge of the Fifth  Star Wars Sith
5-May World Password Day 1st Thursday
6-May Child Care Provider Day  
6-May Dandelion Days last 3 days
6-May International Space Day 1st Friday
6-May Crepe Suzette Day Foody
6-May *Joseph Brackett Day  
6-May Military Spouse Appreciation Day Friday before Mother's Day
6-May *No Diet Day  
6-May National Beverage Day Foody
6-May *No Homework Day  
6-May *Nurses Day or National RN Recognition Day  
6-May Tuba Day 1st Friday
7-May Birthmother's Day  Saturday before Mother's Day
7-May Bladder Cancer Awareness Day 1st Saturday
7-May *Cosmopolitan Day Foody
7-May Free Comic Book Day 1st Saturday
7-May Herb Day 1st Saturday  Foody
7-May Join Hands Day 1st Saturday
7-May Kentucky Derby 1st Saturday
7-May Apple Crisp Day Foody
7-May Start Seeing Monarchs Day 1st Saturday
7-May Mariachi Day  
7-May Mother Ocean Day Saturday before Mother's Day
7-May National Babysitters Day Saturday before Mother's Day
7-May *National Barrier Awareness Day  
7-May National Homebrew Day 1st Saturday  Foody
7-May National Scrapbooking Day 1st Saturday
7-May National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day  
7-May World Naked Gardening Day 1st Saturday
8-May *Free Trade Day  
8-May Mother's Day  
8-May Mothers At The Wall Day  
8-May *National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day Critter
8-May Coconut Cream Pie Day Foody
8-May *No Socks Day  
8-May *Time of Remembrance & Reconciliation for Those Who Lost Their Lives During the Second World War
8-May *V E Day  
8-May *World Ovarian Cancer Day  
8-May *World Red Cross / Red Crescent Day  
9-May *National Moscato Day Foody
9-May Butterscotch Brownie Day Foody
9-May National Women's Check-up Day 2nd Monday
9-May *Occupational Safety and Health Professionals Day  
10-May *Dia De La Madre  
10-May *National Lipid Day Dyslipidemia
10-May Shrimp Day Foody
10-May * World Lupus Day  
10-May One Day Without Shoes Day  
11-May Donate A Day's Wages To Charity 2nd Wednesday
11-May *Eat What You Want Day Foody
11-May *Hostess Cupcake Day Foody
11-May *National Foam Rolling Day Massage
11-May National Night Shift Workers Day 2nd Wednesday
11-May National Third Shift Workers Day 2nd Wednesday
11-May Cheddar Cheese Day Foody
11-May Receptionists Day 2nd Wednesday
11-May *Root Canal Appreciation Day  
11-May School Nurse Day Always the Wednesday of School Nurse Week
12-May *Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Day  
12-May *Hug Your Cat Day Critter
12-May  *International Awareness Day for Chronic Immunological and Neurological Diseases  
12-May *International Nurses Day  
12-May *Limerick Day  
12-May *National Nutty Fudge Day Foody
12-May *Odometer Day  
13-May Blame Someone Else Day 1st Friday the 13th of the year
13-May *Crouton Day Foody
13-May Fintastic Friday: Giving Sharks A Voice 2nd Friday  Critter
13-May *Frog Jumping Day Critter
13-May Apple Pie Day Foody
13-May Friday the 13th!   
13-May *Hummus Day Foody
14-May American Indian Day 2nd Saturday
14-May Armed Forces Day Military-Amateur Crossband Communications Day Communications Day
14-May Bereaved Mother's Day 2nd Saturday
14-May Buddah Day Celebration Date Historical Date is always 4/8
14-May Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Awareness Day 2nd Saturday
14-May International Migratory Bird Day 2nd Saturday  Critter
14-May Letter Carrier's  Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive Day  
14-May Morel Mushroom Day Weekend after Mother's Day  Foody
14-May National Archery Day 2nd Saturday
14-May *National Chicken Dance Day Critter
14-May National Miniature Golf Day 2nd Saturday
14-May Buttermilk Biscuit Day Foody
14-May National Train Day  
14-May National Windmill Day 2nd Saturday
14-May Spring Astronomy Day  
14-May Stay Up All Night Day 2nd Saturday
14-May *The Stars and Stripes Forever Day  
14-May *Underground America Day  
14-May World Belly Dance Day 2nd Saturday
14-May World Migratory Bird Day 2nd Weekend  Critter
14-May World Fair Trade Day 2nd Saturday
14-May Bay to Breakers Race 3rd Sunday
15-May *Hyperemisis Gravidarum Awareness Day  
15-May *International Day of Familie  
15-May *National Chocolate Chip Day Foody
15-May *International MPS Awareness Day  
15-May *National Slider Day Foody
15-May Dinosaur Day Critter
15-May *National Tuberous Sclerosis Day  
15-May *Nylon Stockings Day  
15-May International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day Critter
15-May *Peace Officer Memorial Day  
15-May *Straw Hat Day  
15-May Accountant's Day or Accounting Day 3rd Monday
16-May *Biographer's Day  
16-May *Mimosa Day Foody
16-May Oatmeal Cookie Day Foody
16-May *National Piercing Day  
16-May *National Sea Monkey Day Critter
17-May *International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia  
17-May *Same Sex Marriage Day  
17-May *Syttende Mai  
17-May Cherry Cobbler Day Foody
17-May Kish'altriq Vulcan (Star Trek)
17-May *World Hypertension Day  
17-May *World Telecommunications and Information Society Day  
17-May *World Neurofibromatosis Day   
18-May *Buy A Musical Instrument Day In Honor of the Music Man Creator
18-May Emergency Medical Services for Children Day  
18-May EMSC (Emergency Medical Services) Day  
18-May *HIV Vaccine Awareness Day  
18-May *I Love Reeses Day Foody
18-May *International Museum Day  
18-May Cheese Souffle Day Foody
18-May *Mother Whistler Day  
18-May National Employee Health & Fitness Day 3rd Wednesday
18-May National Museum Day  
18-May Turn Beauty Inside Out Day 3rd Wednesday
18-May *Visit Your Relatives Day  
19-May *Boys Club Day  
19-May Hummus Day 3rd Thursday  Foody
19-May *May Ray Day  
19-May Devil's Food Cake Day Foody
19-May *National Scooter Day  
19-May *National Hepatitus Testing Day  
19-May *National Asian & Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day  
19-May *World Autoimmune Arthritis Day  
20-May *Eliza Doolittle Day  
20-May *Everybody Draw Mohammed Day  
20-May Quiche Lorraine Day Foody
20-May Endangered Species Day 3rd Friday  Critter
20-May International Virtual Assistants Day 3rd Friday
20-May O. Henry Pun-off Day 3rd Friday
20-May NASCAR Day 3rd Friday
20-May National Bike to Work Day 3rd Friday
20-May National Defense Transportation Day 3rd Friday
20-May National Pizza Party Day 3rd Friday  Foody
20-May *Weights & Measures Day  
21-May *American Red Cross Founder's Day  
21-May Armed Forces Day 3rd Saturday
21-May Day of Vesak Traidionally on the Full Moon day. Vesak varies per Buddist country
21-May Do Dah Day  
21-May *End of the World or Rapture Party Day Was a Prediciton
21-May Strawberry Shortcake Day Foody
21-May *I Need A Patch For That Day  
21-May National Learn To Swim Day Saturday of the week before Memorial Day
21-May National Heritage Breeds Day Saturday of the third full week
21-May *National Wait Staff Day  
21-May Preakness 3rd Saturday
21-May *Sister Maria Hummel Day  
21-May *World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue & Development  
21-May Victoria Day The weekend before Memorial Day
22-May *Canadian Immigrants Day  
22-May *Harvey Milk Day  
22-May Neighbor Day Sunday before Memorial Day weekend
22-May *International Day for Biological Diversity  
22-May *National Maritime Day  
22-May Vanilla Pudding Day Foody
22-May *US Colored Troops Day  
22-May *World Goth Day  
23-May *International Day to End Obstetric Fistula  
23-May *Declaration of the Bab Day  
23-May International Turtle Day Critter
23-May Sea Turtle Day Critter
23-May *National Taffy Day Foody
23-May *World Crohn's and Colitis Day  
23-May *World Turtle Day  
24-May *Brother's Day  
24-May Escargot Day Foody
24-May *International Tiara Day  
24-May *Morse Code Day  
25-May *Cookie Monster's Birthday  
25-May *National Missing Children's Day  
25-May Brown Bag It Day Foody
25-May *National Tap Dance Day  
25-May National Senior Health & Fitness Day Last Wednesday
25-May *National Wine Day  
25-May *Nerd Pride Day or Geek Pride Day  
25-May *Towel Day  
25-May World MS Day (Multiple Sclerosis) Last Wednesday
26-May Lag B'omer  
26-May Eat More Fruits & Vegetables Day Thursday of Memorial Day week  Foody
26-May National Chardonnay Day Foody
26-May Blueberry Cheesecake Day Foody
26-May Red Nose Day  
26-May *World Lindy Hop Day  
27-May *Cellophane Tape Day  
27-May Don't Fry Day Friday before Memorial Day
27-May Heat Awareness Day 4th Friday
27-May Grape Popsicle Day Foody
27-May National Title Track Day 4th Friday
27-May National Wig Out Day Friday before Memorial Day
28-May Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day  ARMAD
28-May *Ascension of Baha'u'Llah  
28-May *International Jazz Day Saturday of Memorial Day weekend
28-May Julia Pierpont Day 4th Saturday
28-May *Menstrual Hygiene Day  
28-May Whooping Crane day Critter
28-May *National Hamburger Day Foody
28-May National Polka Day Memorial Day weekend
28-May *Sierra Club Day  
28-May Antarian Trans-stellar Rally (Star Trek)
28-May *Slugs Return From Capistrano Day Critter
28-May Indianapolis 500 Sunday of Memorial Day weekend
29-May *Learn About Composting Day  
29-May Pink Flamingo Day Critter
29-May Coq Au Vin Day Foody
29-May *International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers  
29-May *Put A Pillow On Your Fridge Day  
30-May *Loomis Day  
30-May Memorial Day  
30-May International Hug Your Cat Day Critter
30-May *Mint Julep Day Foody
30-May Prayer for Peace Memorial Day  
31-May *What You Think Upon Grows Day  
31-May Macaroon Day Foody
31-May *World No-Tobacco Day  

June * in front indicates it lands on the same date every year  
1-Jun Buddah Birthday  
1-Jun Dare Day  
1-Jun New Year's Resolution Recommitment Day  
1-Jun Flip A Coin Day  
1-Jun *Global Day of Parents  
1-Jun Hazelnut Cake Day Foody
1-Jun *Heimlich Maneuver Day  
1-Jun Wear A Dress Day  
1-Jun World Milk Day Foody
1-Jun Don't Give Up the Ship Day  
1-Jun *National Go Barefoot Day  
1-Jun *National Olive Day Foody
1-Jun National Running Day 1st Wednesday
1-Jun National Tailors Day 1st Wednesday
1-Jun *Oscar The Grouch Day  
1-Jun *Say Something Nice Day  
1-Jun *Stand For Children Day  
2-Jun *Leave The Office Early Day Observed on closest weekday if it falls on a weekend
2-Jun Rocky Road Ice Cream Day Foody
2-Jun *National Bubba Day  
2-Jun American Indian Citizenship Day  
2-Jun *National Rotisserie Chicken Day Foody
2-Jun *Yell "Fudge" at the Cobras in North America Day  
3-Jun *Chimborazo Day  
3-Jun National Egg Day Foody
3-Jun National Itch Day  
3-Jun Impersonate Authority Day  
3-Jun Repeat Day  
3-Jun Love Conquers All Day  
3-Jun National Chocolate Macaroon Day Foody
3-Jun Doughnut Day or Donut Day 1st Friday and Saturday in June (Salvation Army)   Foody
3-Jun Horseradish Days 1st Weekend   Foody
3-Jun Mike, The Headless Chicken Day Critter
3-Jun Positive Power of Humor and Creativity Days  
4-Jun *Audacity To Hope Day  
4-Jun Do-Dah Parade Day 1st Saturday Kalamazo Mi
4-Jun Drawing Day or Pencil Day 1st Saturday
4-Jun  *International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression  
4-Jun National Cheese Day Foody
4-Jun Shopping Cart Day  
4-Jun *Old Maid's Day  
4-Jun National Prairie Day 1st Saturday
4-Jun *Hug Your Cat Day  
4-Jun Frozen Yogurt Day Foody
4-Jun National Family Recreation Day  
4-Jun National Trails Day 1st Saturday
4-Jun National Cheer Coach Day  
4-Jun National Cognac Day Foody
4-Jun The Wicket World of Croquet Day  
4-Jun Turtle Races Day 1st Saturday  Critter
5-Jun Children's Awareness Memorial Day 1st Sunday
5-Jun *Festival of Popular Delusions Day  
5-Jun *Hot Air Balloon Day  
5-Jun National Gingerbread Day Foody
5-Jun National Attitude Day  
5-Jun National Child's Day  
5-Jun National Frozen Yogurt Day Foody
5-Jun *National Moonshine Day Foody
5-Jun *World Environment Day  
5-Jun National Cancer Survivors Day 1st Sunday
5-Jun *Apple II Day  
6-Jun *Atheists Pride Day  
6-Jun *D-Day  
6-Jun *Drive-in Movie Day  
6-Jun *National Higher Education Day Different dates observed by different colleges in the U.S.
6-Jun National Gardening Exercise Day  
6-Jun National Eyewear Day  
6-Jun National Hunger Awareness Day  
6-Jun National Thank God It's Monday Day 1st Monday
6-Jun National Applesauce Cake Day Foody
6-Jun Ramadan  
6-Jun *Russian Language Day  
6-Jun *YoYo Day Always on Donald Duncan's Birthday
7-Jun *(Daniel) Boone Day  
7-Jun June Bug Day Critter
7-Jun Trial Technology Day  
7-Jun Chocolate Ice Cream Day Foody
7-Jun *VCR Day  
7-Jun World Pet Memorial Day 2nd Tuesday   Critter
8-Jun *National Caribbean American HIV/AIDS Awareness Day  
8-Jun Jelly Filled Donut Day Foody
8-Jun International Day for Elephants in Zoos Critter
8-Jun Best Friends Day  
8-Jun Name Your Poison Day  
8-Jun Betty Picnic Day  
8-Jun *Upsy Daisy Day  
8-Jun *World Oceans Day  
9-Jan * Donald Duck Day Birthday   Critter
9-Jan *International Archives Day  
8-Jun Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day Foody
9-Jun Writer's Rights Day  
9-Jan *Toy Industry Day  
9-Jan *World APS Day  
10-Jun *Alcoholics Anonymous Day Founders Day
10-Jun National Black Cow Day Foody (Root Beer Float) // Critter
10-Jun National Marriage Day  
10-Jun *Ball Point Pen Day  
10-Jun *National Iced Tea Day 1904   Foody
10-Jun National Herb and Spice Day  
10-Jun Banana Split Days Foody
10-Jun National Lemonade Days 2nd Weekend     Foody
10-Jun Poultry Day Foody
11-Jun Abused Women and Children's Awareness Day 2nd Sunday
11-Jun Belmont Stakes  
11-Jun *Corn on the Cob Day Foody
11-Jun International Young Eagles Day 2nd Saturday  Free airplane ride day
11-Jun Cousteau Day  
11-Jun King Kamehameha Day  
11-Jun Missing Mutts Awareness Day 2nd Saturday  Critters
11-Jun *National Cotton Candy Day Foody
11-Jun *National Making Life Beautiful Day  
11-Jun National Rose' (wine) Day 2nd Saturday  Foody
11-Jun Queen's Official Birthday Trooping of the Colours - on a Saturday
11-Jun Shavuot  
11-Jun German Chocolate Cake Day Foody
11-Jun World Bike Naked Day 2nd Saturday
11-Jun World Gin Day Foody
12-Jun Children's Sunday 2nd Sunday
12-Jun *Crowded Nest Awareness Day  
12-Jun International Cachaca Day Foody
12-Jun World Pet Memorial Day Critter
12-Jun Ghost in the Machine Day  
12-Jun Write To Your Father Day  
12-Jun Magic Day  
12-Jun *Loving Day  
12-Jun Multicultural American Child Day 2nd Sunday
12-Jun National Automotive Service Pro's Day  
12-Jun *National Jerky Day Foody
12-Jun Red Rose Day  
12-Jun *National Peanut Butter Cookie Day Foody
12-Jun Little League Girls Baseball Day  
12-Jun National Career Nursing Assistant's Day  
12-Jun Race Unity Day 2nd Sunday
12-Jun *Superman Day Super Hero 
12-Jun *World Day Against Child Labor  
13-Jun Kitchen Klutzes of America Day  
13-Jun Sewing Machine Day  
13-Jun Weed Your Garden Day  
13-Jun Feast of St Anthony Foody
14-Jun *Army's Birthday  
14-Jun *Family History Day  
14-Jun Monkey Around Day  
14-Jun National Strawberry Shortcake Day Foody
14-Jun Own Your Share of America Day  
14-Jun *Flag Day  
14-Jun Pop Goes the Weasel Day Critter
14-Jun International Bath Day  
14-Jun *National Bourbon Day Foody
14-Jun *Pause for the Pledge Day  
14-Jun *(World) Blood Donor Day  
15-Jun Day of Honor Batlhjaj in Klingon (Star Trek)
15-Jun Global Wind Day  
15-Jun *Magna Carta Day  
15-Jun Smile Power Day  
15-Jun Fly a Kite Day  
15-Jun *Native American Citizenship Day  
15-Jun Justice for Janitors Day  
15-Jun National Lobster Day Foody
15-Jun National Electricity Day  
15-Jan *Nature Photography Day  
15-Jan *National Day of Prayer for Law Enforcement Officers  
15-Jan *World Elder Abuse Awareness Day  
15-Jan *Worldwide Day of Giving  
16-Jun *Bloomsday  
16-Jun Career Nurse Assistants Day  
16-Jun *National Fudge Day Foody
16-Jun Fresh Veggies Day Foody
16-Jun National Vinegar Day Foody
16-Jun *Ladies' Day (Baseball)  
16-Jun International Day of the African Child  
16-Jun No Orange Clothes Day  
16-Jun World Sea Turtle Day # Critter
16-Jun Wish Fulfillment Day  
16-Jun Dump The Pump Day 3rd Thursday 
16-Jun Recess At Work Day 3rd Thursday
17-Jun *Eat Your Vegetables Day Foody
17-Jun National Flip Flop Day 3rd Friday (pertaining to shoes)
17-Jun Day of Prayer for Law Enforcement Officers  
17-Jun *Stewarts Root Beer Day Foody
17-Jun Ugliest Dog Day 3rd Friday   Critter
17-Jun National Apple Streudel Day Foody
17-Jun *World Day To Combat Desertification and Drought  
17-Jun Work at Home Father's Day Friday before Father's Day
18-Jun Dollars Against Diabetes Days Always Father's Day Weekend
18-Jun *International Sushi Day Foody
18-Jun *National Splurge Day Since 1994
18-Jun International Panic Day  
18-Jun National Hollerin' Contest Day # 3rd Saturday in June
18-Jun Autistic Pride Day  
18-Jun International Picnic Day Foody
18-Jun Polar Bear Swim Nome, AK
18-Jun Go Fishing Day  
18-Jun International Cherry Tart Day Foody
18-Jun World Juggling Day Saturday closest to the 15th
18-Jun Worldwide Knit (and crotchet) in Public Day  
19-Jun Family Awareness Day 3rd Sunday
19-Jun Father's Day  
19-Jun *Garfield the Cat Day Critter
19-Jun National Raspberry Cake Day Foody
19-Jun Husband Caregiver Day  
19-Jun Flight Attendant Safety Professionals Day  
19-Jun National Eat An Oreo Day Foody
19-Jun National Martini Day Foody
19-Jun National Pets In Film Day Critter
19-Jun National New Friends Day  
19-Jun National Flitch Day  
19-Jun *Juneteenth  
19-Jun *World Sickle Cell Day  
19-Jun Stick Out Your Tongue Day  
19-Jun *World Sauntering Day  
20-Jun *American Eagle Day Critter
20-Jun *Flitch of Bacon Day-main celebration date Date varies depending on individual wedding anniversary dates
20-Jun *Lambrusco Day  
20-Jun *National Kouign Amann Day  
20-Jun Ride To Work Day  3rd Monday - Motorcycles
20-Jun Ryan Moran Day 1st full moon in June
20-Jun Summer  Summer Solstice
20-Jun The Longest Day  
20-Jun Ice Cream Soda Day Foody
20-Jun Toad Hallow Day of Thank You  
20-Jun *World Productivity Day  
20-Jun Plain Yogurt Day  
20-Jun World Peace and Prayer Day  
20-Jun Daylight Appreciation Day  
20-Jun National Seashell Day  
20-Jun New Identity Day  
20-Jun Vanilla Milkshake Day Foody
20-Jun World Humanist Day  
20-Jun International Surfing Day  
20-Jun *World Refugee Day  
20-Jun Anne & Samantha Day Solstice
21-Jun *Atheists Solidarity Day  
21-Jun *Cuckoo Warning Day 1st day of summer  Critter
21-Jun *Global Orgasm Day On Summer Solstice
21-Jun *Go Skateboarding Day  
21-Jun Baby Boomers Recognition Day  
21-Jun *International Day of Yoga  
21-Jun National Peaches and Cream Day Foody
21-Jun *National Daylight Appreciation Day  
21-Jun National Cherry Tart Day Foody
21-Jun *National Selfie Day  
21-Jun *Tall Girl Appreciation Day Longest day of the year
21-Jun World Giraffe Day Critter
21-Jun *World Handshake Day  
21-Jun *World Humanist Day  
21-Jun *World Music Day  
22-Jun *Global Smurfs Day  
22-Jun Onion Rings Day Foody
22-Jun Chocolate Éclair Day Foody
22-Jun * Stupid Guy Thing Day  
22-Jun *Baby Boomer's Recognition Day  
23-Jun *International Widows' Day  
23-Jun *Let It Go Day  
23-Jun *Pink Flamingo Day  Lawn Ornaments
23-Jun National Pink Day  
23-Jun *Public Service Day  
23-Jun Pecan Sandie Day Foody
23-Jun *Runner's Selfie Day  
23-Jun Tal-Shanar Vulcan (Star Trek)
23-Jun *SAT Math Day  
23-Jun *Typing Day/Typewriting Day  
24-Jun *Celebration of the Senses  
24-Jun Museum Comes to Life Day  
24-Jun World UFO Day  
24-Jun Swim a Lap Day  
24-Jun National Pralines Day Foody
24-Jun *International Fairy Day or Faerie Day  
24-Jun Take Your Dog To Work Day 1st Friday after Father's Day  Critter
25-Jun ARRL (American Radio Relay League) Field Day 4th full weekend
25-Jun World Vitiligo Day  
25-Jun *National Catfish Day Critter
25-Jun Great American Backyard Campout Day 4th Saturday  Foody
25-Jun Great American Picnic Day Foody
25-Jun National Celebrate Your Marriage Day  
25-Jun *Color TV Day CBS
25-Jun Bartender and Mixologist Day  
25-Jun LEON Day Summer Noel
25-Jun Global Smurfs Day  
25-Jun National Strawberry Parfait Day Foody
25-Jun *Day of The Seafarer  
25-Jun *Global Beatles Day  
26-Jun America's Kids Day 4th Sunday
26-Jun Choclate Pudding Day Foody
26-Jun Descendants Day Last Sunday
26-Jun *International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking  
26-Jun *International Day in Support of Victims of Torture  
26-Jun *National Canoe Day  
26-Jun Forgiveness Day  
26-Jun Tropical Cocktails Day Foody
26-Jun *National Milkman Day  
26-Jun Beautician's Day  
26-Jun Rumarie Vulcan (Star Trek)
26-Jun Log Cabin Day  
26-Jun *Same Sex Marriage Day  
27-Jun *Decide To Be Married Day  
27-Jun * "Happy Birthday To You" Day  
27-Jun Helen Keller Day  
27-Jun International Ragweed Day  
27-Jun National Pineapple Day Foody
27-Jun *Industrial Workers of The World Day  
27-Jan *National HIV Testing Day  
27-Jun National Indian Pudding Day Foody
27-Jun Orange Blossom Day  
27-Jun *National Sunglasses Day  
27-Jun *PTSD Awareness Day  
27-Jun Please Take My Children To Work Day Last Monday
28-Jun Insurance Awareness Day  
28-Jun Paul Bunyan Day  
28-Jun Tau Day  
28-Jun National Chili Dog Day Foody
28-Jun Buffalo Soldiers Day  
28-Jun *International Body Piercing Day  
29-Jun International Tiger Day Critter
29-Jun National Lasagna Day Foody
29-Jun Feasts of Saint Peter and Paul  
29-Jun National Camera Day  
29-Jun National Waffle Iron Day Foody
29-Jun Hug Holiday Day  
29-Jun System Adminstrator Appreciation Day  
29-Jun Rain Day  
29-Jun National Lipstick Day  
29-Jun National Talk in an Elevator Day  
29-Jun National Chicken Wing Day Foody
29-Jun Almond Buttercrunch Day  Foody
30-Jun National Bomb Pop Day Last Thursday   Foody
30-Jun National Hand Shake Day Last Thursday
30-Jun Festival - Return to Home City Sivao (Star Trek)
30-Jun National Ice Cream Soda Day Foody
30-Jun Blink-182 Day  
30-Jun Meteor Day  
30-Jun *NOW Day National Organization For Women
30-Jun *Social Media Day  

July * in front indicates it lands on the same date every year  
1-Jul *Canada Day  
1-Jul Bajoran Time of Cleansing For the whole month (Star Trek)
1-Jul Comic Sans Day  
1-Jul *National GSA Employee Day  
1-Jul Early Bird Day  
1-Jul International Joke Day  
1-Jul Television Heritage Day  
1-Jul Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day Foody
1-Jul Devotion to Duty Day  
1-Jul Drive Your Corvette to Work Day The Friday closest to June 30th
1-Jul American Zoo Day Critter
1-Jul National Gingersnap Day Foody
1-Jul *Second Half of The Year Day  
1-Jul *U.S. Postage Stamp Day  
1-Jul *Zip Code Day  
2-Jul Hop A Park Day 1st Saturday
2-Jul *I  Forgot Day  
2-Jul International Chicken Wing Day 1st of Chicken Wing weekend  Foody
2-Jul International Day of Cooperatives 1st Saturday
2-Jul Freedom from Fear of Speaking Day  
2-Jul Special Recreation for the Disabled Day  
2-Jul World Sports Journalists Day  
2-Jul National Anisette Day Foody
2-Jul International Cherry Pit Spitting Day 1st Saturday
2-Jul *Made In The USA Day  
2-Jul *World UFO Day  
3-Jul *Compliment Your Mirror Day  
3-Jul American Red-Neck Day  
3-Jul Disobedience Day  
3-Jul National Build a Scarecrow Day  
3-Jul National Eat Beans Day Foody
3-Jul *International Plastic Bag Free Day  
3-Jul Chocolate Wafer Day Foody
3-Jul *Stay Out Of The Sun Day  
3-Jul *Superman Day Super Hero
4-Jul *Boom Box Parade Day  
4-Jul Earth at Aphelion  
4-Jul Sidewalk Egg Frying Day Foody
4-Jul Barbecued Spareribs Day Foody
4-Jul Alice in Wonderland Day  
4-Jul Caesar Salad Day Foody
4-Jul Invisible Day  
4-Jul Country Music Day  
4-Jul *Fourth of July or Independence Day Traditional
4-Jul *Independence From Meat Day Foody
4-Jul *Indivisible Day  
5-Jul *Bikini Day  
5-Jul Apple Turnover Day Foody
5-Jul Workaholics Day  
5-Jul Graham Cracker Day Foody
5-Jul *Work Without Your Hands Day Spongbob Squarepants
6-Jul Eid-Al-Fitr  
6-Jul *National Fried Chicken Day Foody
6-Jul *International Kissing Day or World Kiss Day  
6-Jul National Air Traffic Control Day  
6-Jul Umbrella Cover Day  
6-Jul *Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day  
6-Jul Beer Pong Day  
7-Jul *Chocolate Day Foody
7-Jul *Father-Daughter Take A Walk Together Day  
7-Jul National Macaroni Day Foody
7-Jul Strawberry Sundae Day Foody
7-Jul *Global Forgiveness Day  
7-Jul *Tell The Truth Day  
8-Jul *Coca Cola Day Foody    The birthdate of the inventor is celebrated
8-Jul Collector Car Appreciation Day 2nd Friday
8-Jul *Math 2.0 Day Founding Day
8-Jul Video Game Day  
8-Jul Be A Kid Again Day  
8-Jul National Milk Chocolate With Almonds Day Foody
8-Jul *SCUD Day  Savor the Comic Unplug the Drama
8-Jul Taos Pueblo Pow Wow  
8-Jul Wayne Chicken Day 2nd Saturday
9-Jul Bald Is In 2nd Saturday
9-Jul Body Painting Day  
9-Jul Carver Day 2nd Saturday
9-Jul Call Of The Horizon Day  
9-Jul Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Omelete Day  
9-Jul Fashion Day  
9-Jul Sugar Cookie Day Foody
9-Jul Grange Day 2nd Saturday
9-Jul *Martyrdom of The Bab  
10-Jul *Clerihew Day  
10-Jul *Don't Step On A Bee Day Critter
10-Jul Barn Day  
10-Jul Pick Blueberries Day Foody
10-Jul *Piña Colada Day Foody
10-Jul *Teddy Bears' Picnic Day  
11-Jul *Bowdler's Day  
11-Jul *Cheer Up The Lonely Day  
11-Jul All American Pet Photo Day Critter
11-Jul Blueberry Muffin Day Foody
11-Jul *Day of The Five Billion  
11-Jul National Mojito Day Foody
11-Jul National Swimming Pool Day  
11-Jul International Town Criers Day 2nd Monday
11-Jul *National Rainier Cherries Day Foody
11-Jul *Free Slurpee Day or 7-11's Birthday Foody
11-Jul *World Population Day  
12-Jul Chick-fil-A's Cow Appreciation Day 2nd Tuesday-Dress Like a cow and get free sandwich   Foody
12-Jul Different Colored Eyes Day  
12-Jul Eat Your Jello Day Foody
12-Jul Pecan Pie Day Foody
12-Jul *Night of Nights Maritime Radio
12-Jul *Simplicity Day  
13-Jul *Embrace Your Geekness Day  
13-Jul Beans and Franks Day Foody
13-Jul Barbershop Music Appreciation Day  
13-Jul Fool's Paradise Day  
13-Jul Go West Day  
13-Jul *Gruntled Workers Day  
13-Jul *National French Fries Day Foody
13-Jul *World Cup Soccer Day Anniversary Observance
14-Jul *International Nude Day  
14-Jul Bastille Day  
14-Jul Tape Measure Day  
14-Jul Pandemonium Day  
14-Jul National Grand Marnier Day Foody
14-Jul National Hot Dog Day Foody    Changes Annually
14-Jul *National Macaroni and Cheese Day Foody
14-Jul *Shark Awareness Day Critter
15-Jul *Be A Dork Day  
15-Jul *Gummi Worm Day Foody
15-Jul I Love Horses Day Critter
15-Jul National Respect Canada Day  
15-Jul Tapioca Pudding Day Foody
15-Jul *National Give Something Away Day  
15-Jul *National Pet Fire Safety Day Critter
15-Jul *Saint Swithin's Day  
16-Jul Celebration of The Horse Day 3rd Weekend   Critter
16-Jul *Hot Dog Night Foody
16-Jul Corn Fritters Day Foody
16-Jul National Hot Dog Day 3rd Saturday   Foody
16-Jul Fresh Spinach Day Foody
16-Jul *National Personal Chef's Day  
16-Jul Strawberry Rhubarb Wine Day 3rd Saturday   Foody
16-Jul Toss Away the "Could Haves" and "Should Haves" Day 3rd Saturday     
16-Jul *World Snake Day Critter
16-Jul Woodie Wagon Day 3rd Saturday
17-Jul *Disneyland Day  
17-Jul National Ice Cream Day 3rd Sunday   Foody
17-Jul Lake Superior Day 3rd Sunday
17-Jul Tattoo Day  
17-Jul World Day for International Justice  
17-Jul Peach Ice Cream Day Foody
17-Jul *World Emoji Day  
17-Jul *Wrong Way Corrigan Day  
17-Jul *Yellow Pig Day Critter 
18-Jul Global Hug Your Kid Day 3rd Monday  
18-Jul *National Caviar Day Foody
18-Jul World Listening Day  
18-Jul Perfect Family Day  
18-Jul National Get Out of the Doghouse Day 3rd Monday
18-Jul *Nelson Mandela International Day  
18-Jul *National Sour Candy Day Foody
19-Jul Anne Hutchinson Memorial Day Sunday nearest her birthday
19-Jul Flight Attendant Safety Professionals Day  
19-Jul Raspberry Cake Day  
19-Jul New Friends Day  
19-Jul Stick Out Your Tongue Day  
19-Jul Daiquiri Day Foody
19-Jul *Flitch Day  
20-Jul *International Cake Day Foody
20-Jul International Chess Day  
20-Jul Nap Day  
20-Jul Ugly Truck Contest Day  
20-Jul *Moon Day  
20-Jul Hot Dog Day Foody
20-Jul Fortune Cookie Day Foody
20-Jul *Space Exploration Day  
20-Jul *National Lollipop Day Foody
20-Jul Take Your Poet To Work Week 3rd Wednesday
20-Jul *World Jump Day  
21-Jul Get to Know Your Customers Day 3rd Thursday of each quarter
21-Jul Invite an Alien to Live With You Day Critter?
21-Jul Monkey Day Critter
21-Jul Junk food Day Foody
21-Jul Tug-Of-War Tournament Day  
21-Jul Take a Monkey to Lunch Day Critter
21-Jul *Legal Drinking Age Day  
21-Jul *No Pet Store Puppies Day Critter
22-Jul *Casual Pi Day 22/7
22-Jul *Fragile X Awareness Day  
22-Jul *National Penuche Fudge Day Foody
22-Jul Summer Leisure Day  
22-Jul Hammock Day  
22-Jul Lion's Share Day  
22-Jul *Rat-catchers Day Critter
22-Jul *Spooners Day Spoonerism
23-Jul *Gorgeous Grandma Day  
23-Jul *Hot Enough For Ya Day  
23-Jul Vanilla Ice Cream Day Foody
23-Jul Yada, Yada, Yada Day  
23-Jul World Sjogren's Awareness Day  
23-Jul Drowning Prevention Day  
23-Jul Mosquito Day Critter
23-Jul *National Day of the Cowboy  4th Saturday    
24-Jul Aunties Day 4th Sunday
24-Jul *Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Pioneer Day  
24-Jul *Cousins Day  
24-Jul *National Drive-Thru Day  
24-Jul Pioneer Day  
24-Jul Amelia Earhart Day  
24-Jul *National Tequila Day Foody
24-Jul *National Thermal Engineers Day Considered the hottest day of the year
24-Jul Parents' Day 4th Sunday
24-Jul *Tell An Old Joke Day  
25-Jul *Carousel Day or Merry-Go-Round Day  
25-Jul *Red Shoe Day Lyme Disease
25-Jul Culinarians Day  
25-Jul Wine and Cheese Day Foody
25-Jul Feast of Saint James  
25-Jul Health and Happiness With Hypnosis Day  
25-Jul Hot Fudge Sundae Day Foody
25-Jul *Thread The Needle Day  
25-Jul *Video Games Day  
26-Jul Coffee Milkshake Day Foody
26-Jul Aunt and Uncles Day  
26-Jul All or Nothing Day  
26-Jul Bagelfest Day Foody
26-Jul *One Voice  
27-Jul *Barbie-in-a-blender Day  
27-Jul *National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day  
27-Jul *Take Your Houseplant For A Walk Day  
27-Jul Scotch Day Foody
27-Jul Bagpipe Appreciation Day  
27-Jul Cross Atlantic Communication Day  
27-Jul Crème Brulee Day Foody
27-Jul *Walk on Stilts Day  
28-Jul *Buffalo Soldiers Day  
28-Jul Lumberjack Day  
28-Jul Hamburger Day  
28-Jul World Nature Conservation Day  
28-Jul National Chili Dog Day Last Thursday   Foody
28-Jul *National Milk Chocolate Day Foody
28-Jul National Refreshment Day: 4th Thursday  Foody
28-Jul *World Hepatitis Day  
29-Jul *Army Chaplain Corps Anniversary  
29-Jul *Lasagna Day Foody
29-Jul *National Chicken Wing Day Foody
29-Jul *National Lipstick Day  
29-Jul National Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day Foody
29-Jul International Tiger Day Critter
29-Jul National Talk in An Elevator Day Last Friday
29-Jul *Rain Day  
29-Jul System Administrator Appreciation Day Last Friday
30-Jul *Cheesecake Day Foody
30-Jul *Father-In-Law Day  
30-Jul *Friendship Day  
30-Jul *Health Care Now!   Medicare's Birthday
30-Jul *International Day of Friendship  
30-Jul National Dance Day Last Saturday
30-Jul *National Support Public Education Day  
30-Jul Paddle for Perthes Disease Awareness Day Last Saturday
30-Jul *Paperback Book Day  
30-Jul *World Day Against Trafficking in Persons  
31-Jul *Uncommon Instruments Awareness Day  
31-Jul Raspberry Cake Day Foody
31-Jul National Jump for Jelly Beans Day Foody
31-Jul Cotton Candy Day Foody
31-Jul Shredded Wheat Day Foody
31-Jul Mutt's Day Critter
31-Jul *World Ranger Day  

August * in front indicates it lands on the same date every year  
1-Aug *Girlfriend's Day  
1-Aug *Lughnasadh and Tailtean Craft Fairs  
1-Aug *Mead Day 1st Saturday in August  Foody
1-Aug *National Minority Donor Awareness Day  
1-Aug National Psychic Day Monday of Psychic Week
1-Aug *Respect For Parents  
1-Aug *Rounds Resounding Day  
1-Aug *Spider-Man Day Super Hero
1-Aug *US Air Force Day  
1-Aug Raspberry Cream Pie Day Foody
1-Aug Play Ball Day  
1-Aug Woman Astronomers Day  
1-Aug Shire Day  
1-Aug Lammas Foody
1-Aug Homemade Pie Day Foody
1-Aug *World Lung Cancer Day  
1-Aug *World Wide Web Day  
1-Aug *World Scout Scarf Day  
2-Aug *National Coloring Book Day  
2-Aug Ice Cream Sandwich Day Foody
2-Aug Dinosaurs Day  
2-Aug National Night Out 1st Tuesday
2-Aug *Take A Penny/Leave A Penny Day  
3-Aug *Friendship Day  
3-Aug Airplane Crop Duster Day  
3-Aug Esther Day  
1-Aug Grab Some Nuts Day Foody
3-Aug International Albarino Day 1st Wednesday    Foody
3-Aug *Watermelon Day Foody
4-Aug *Coast Guard Day  
4-Aug India Pale Ale Beer Day 1st Thursday  Foody
4-Aug *National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day Foody
4-Aug National IPA Day  
4-Aug White Wine Day  
4-Aug Hooray For Kids Day  
4-Aug *Single Working Women's Day  
4-Aug *Social Security Day  
5-Aug *National Oyster Day Foody
5-Aug *National Underwear Day  
5-Aug Green Peppers Day Foody
5-Aug Work Like A Dog Day  
5-Aug Traffic Light Day  
5-Aug Braham Pie Day 1st Friday   Foody
5-Aug International Beer Day 1st Friday     Foody
5-Aug Tomboy Tools Day 1st Friday
5-Aug Twins Day 1st full weekend
6-Aug *Hiroshima Day  
6-Aug International Hangover Day The day after International Beer Day
6-Aug Mead Day 1st Saturday    Foody
6-Aug National Disc Golf Day 1st Saturday
6-Aug *National Fresh Breath Day Halitosis
6-Aug Corporate Baby Name Day  
6-Aug Gossip Day  
6-Aug Taxpayer Appreciation Day  
6-Aug Wiggle Your Toes Day  
6-Aug National Jamaican Patty Day 1st Saturday  Foody
6-Aug National Mustard Day 1st Saturday  Foody
6-Aug *National Root Beer Float Day Foody
6-Aug Sandcastle Day 1st Saturday
7-Aug Friendship Day 1st Sunday
7-Aug *Lighthouse Day  
7-Aug National Doll Day 1st Sunday
7-Aug National Kids' Day 1st Sunday
7-Aug American Family Day  
7-Aug Beach Party Day  
7-Aug Raspberries and Cream Day Foody
7-Aug Forgiveness Day  
7-Aug National Sea Serpent Day Critter
7-Aug Sister's Day 1st Sunday
7-Aug *Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day  
7-Aug *Professional Speakers Day  
7-Aug *Purple Heart Day  
8-Aug Earth Over Shoot Day or Ecological Debt Day  
8-Aug *Dalek Day Wholiday
8-Aug Assistance Dog Day Monday of Assistance Day week   Critter
8-Aug *International Cat Day Critter
8-Aug National Dollar Day  
8-Aug Frozen Custard Day Foody
8-Aug Victory Day  
8-Aug Zuchinni Day Foody
8-Aug *The Date to Create  
8-Aug *Happiness Happens Day  
8-Aug *Odie Day Garfield's pal   Critter
8-Aug *Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Porch Night Foody
9-Aug *International Day of The World's Indigenous People  
9-Aug Book Lovers Day  
9-Aug National Hand Holding Day  
9-Aug Polka Day  
9-Aug Rice Pudding Day  
9-Aug *Veep Day  
10-Aug *National Duran Duran Appreciation Day  
10-Aug *Skyscraper Appreciation Day  
10-Aug National Lazy Day  
10-Aug Psychiatric Technician Appreciation Day  
10-Aug Spoil Your Dog Day Critter
10-Aug World Lion Day Critter
10-Aug *Smithsonian Day  
10-Aug *S'mores Day Foody
11-Aug *Ingersoll Day  
11-Aug Annual Medical Checkup Day  
11-Aug Raspberry Tart Day Foody
11-Aug Play In The Sand Day  
11-Aug Son and Daughter Day  
11-Aug Raspberry Bombe Day Foody
11-Aug *Presidential Joke Day  
12-Aug National Kool-Aid Day 2nd weekend    Foody
12-Aug *IBM PC Day  
12-Aug *International Youth Day  
12-Aug *National Middle Child's Day Some Say this date always some say 2nd Saturday
12-Aug Baseball Fans Day  
12-Aug *Milkman Day  
12-Aug National Julliene Fries Day Foody
12-Aug Truck Driver Day  
12-Aug *Sewing Machine Day  
12-Aug Shop Online For Groceries Day 2nd Friday  Foody
12-Aug *Vinyl Record Day  
12-Aug *World Elephant Day Critter
12-Aug Worldwide Art Day 2nd Friday
13-Aug *International Left-Hander's Day  
13-Aug Filet Mignon Day Foody
13-Aug Celebrate Your Lakes Day  
13-Aug National Bowling Day 2nd Saturday
13-Aug National Garage Sale Day 2nd Saturday
14-Aug Chef Appreciation Day Sunday of Chef's appreciation week  
14-Aug *International Rose' Day  
14-Aug *National Navajo Code Talkers Day  
14-Aug National Creamsicle Day Foody
14-Aug National Financial Awareness Day  
14-Aug Color Book Day  
14-Aug National Wiffle Ball Day  
14-Aug Tisha B'Av  
14-Aug *V-J Day  
15-Aug *Best Friends Day  
15-Aug *Chauvin Day  
15-Aug *Check The Chip Day The kind implanted in pets for tracking
15-Aug Cupcake Day 3rd Monday  Foody
15-Aug National Failures Day  
15-Aug National Lemon Merinque Pie Day Foody
15-Aug Nicolas Chauvin Day  
15-Aug Assumption of Mary  
15-Aug I Love Cowboys and Cowgirls Day  
15-Aug Stay Home With Your Kids Day  
15-Aug *National Relaxation Day  
15-Aug *National No SpongeBob Day Spongebob Squarepants
16-Aug *Joe Miller's Joke Day National Tell a Joke Day
16-Aug *National Airborne Day  
16-Aug National Rum Day Foody
16-Aug National Bratwurst Day Foody
16-Aug True Love Forever Day  
16-Aug *National Rollercoaster Day   
16-Aug *Wave at Surveilance Day  
17-Aug *Black Cat Appreciation Day Critter
17-Aug *I Love My Feet Day  
17-Aug Balloon Airmail Day  
17-Aug National #2 Pencil Day  
17-Aug National Vanilla Custard Day Foody
17-Aug *Meaning of "Is" Day  
17-Aug National Medical Dosimetrist Day 3rd Wednesday
17-Aug *National Thrift Shop Day  
18-Aug *Bad Poetry Day  
18-Aug *Birth Control Pills Day  
18-Aug National Fajita Day Foody
18-Aug *Mail Order Catalog Day  
18-Aug Helium Discovery Day  
18-Aug National Ice Cream Pie Day Foody
18-Aug National Soft Serve Ice Cream Day  
18-Aug *National Badge Ribbon Day  
18-Aug *Serendipity Day  
19-Aug *National Aviation Day  
19-Aug National Potato Day Foody
19-Aug *"Black Cow" Root Beer Float Day Foody
19-Aug World Photo Day  
19-Aug National Hot & Spicy Food Day Foody
19-Aug National Sand Castle & Sculpture Day  
19-Aug *International Orangutan Day Critter
19-Aug National Men's Grooming Day 3rd Friday
19-Aug *World Humanitarian Day  
20-Aug International Geocaching Day 3rd Saturday
20-Aug International Homeless Animals Day 3rd Saturday  Critter
20-Aug Lemonade Day Foody
20-Aug National Bacon Lover's Day Foody
20-Aug National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day Foody
20-Aug Virtual World's Day  
20-Aug International Tongue Twister Day  
20-Aug World Mosquito Day Critter
20-Aug *National Radio Day  
20-Aug Sand Castle Day  
20-Aug World Honey Bee Day 3rd Saturday  Critter
21-Aug *Brazilian Blow-out Day  
21-Aug *Our Lady of Knock  
21-Aug *National Spumoni Day Foody
21-Aug God's Preeminence Day  
21-Aug *Poet's Day  
21-Aug *Senior Citizen's Day  
22-Aug National Eat a Peach Day Foody
22-Aug National Pecan Torte Day Foody
22-Aug *National Be An Angel Day Fire Mountain Gems
22-Aug *Southern Hemisphere Hoodie Hoo Day  
22-Aug National Tooth Fairy Day  
22-Aug *Take Your Cat To The Vet Day Critter
23-Aug *Day For The Remembrance of The Slave Trade & Its Abolition  
23-Aug National Spongecake Day Foody
23-Aug Buttered Corn Day Foody
23-Aug Ride the Wind Day  
23-Aug Hug Your Sweetheart Day  
23-Aug *Valentino Day  
24-Aug *National Knife Day  
24-Aug *Pluto Demoted Day  
24-Aug International Strange Music Day  
24-Aug Shooting Star Day  
24-Aug Weather Complaint Day  
24-Aug Can Opener Day  
24-Aug *Vesuvius Day  
24-Aug *Wayzgoose Day  
24-Aug National Peach Pie Day Foody
24-Aug *William Wilberforce Day  
24-Aug St Bartholomew's Day  
25-Aug *Kiss and Make Up Day  
25-Aug Thoughtful Thursday Thursday of the 4th week in August
25-Aug *National Park Service Day Celebrate U.S. National Parks
25-Aug National Banana Split Day Foody
25-Aug *National Second-hand Wardrobe Day  
25-Aug *National Whiskey Sour Day Foody
25-Aug *National Dog Day Critter
26-Aug *National Toilet Paper Day  
26-Aug *National WebMistress Day  
26-Aug National Cherry Popsicle Day Foody
26-Aug Musical Yoga Day  
26-Aug National Dog Day Critter
26-Aug Make Your Own Luck Day  
26-Aug Forgive Your Foe Friday Last Friday
26-Aug Tug-of-War Day Last Wednesday
26-Aug *Women's Equality Day  
26-Aug World Daffodil Day Last Friday
27-Aug Franchise Appreciation Day Last Saturday
27-Aug International Bat Night Last Full weekend  Critter
27-Aug National Burger Day Foody
27-Aug Speak Kind Words Saturday Last Saturday
27-Aug National Pots De Crème Day Foody
27-Aug Kiss Me Day  
27-Aug Tarzan Day  
27-Aug National Petroleium Day  
27-Aug National  Banana Lover's Day Foody
27-Aug *Just Because Day  
27-Aug *The Duchess Who Wasn't Day  
28-Aug Pony Express Day Last Sunday
28-Aug *Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Day  
28-Aug *Radio Commercials Day  
28-Aug *Crackers Over The Keyboard Day Foody
28-Aug Go Topless Day The Sunday closest to 8/26 Women's Equality Day
29-Aug *According to Hoyle Day  
29-Aug *Individual Rights Day  
29-Aug *International Day Against Nuclear Tests  
29-Aug *More Herbs, Less Salt Day Foody
29-Aug *National Sarcoidosis Day  
30-Aug Frankenstein Day  
30-Aug International Cabernet Sauvignon Day Foody
30-Aug *International Day of The Victims of Enforced Disappearances  
30-Aug *International Whale Shark Day Critter
30-Aug Slinky Day  
30-Aug *National Grief Awareness Day  
30-Aug National Beach Day  
30-Aug Touch a Heart Tuesday Last Tuesday
30-Aug *National Holistic Pet Day Critter
31-Aug *National Toasted Marshmallow Day Foody
31-Aug Willing To Lend A Hand Wednesday Last Wednesday
31-Aug *International Overdose Awareness Day  
31-Aug Eat Outside Day Foody
31-Aug *Love Litigating Lawyers Day  
31-Aug National Trail Mix Day Foody
31-Aug We Love Memoirs Day  
31-Aug *National Matchmaker Day
September * in front indicates it lands on the same date every year  
1-Sep *Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day  
1-Sep *Calendar Adjustment Day  
1-Sep Cherry Popover Day Foody
1-Sep *Chicken Boy's Day  
1-Sep Pink Cadillac Day  
1-Sep World Letter Writing Day  
1-Sep NeverEnding Story first published  
1-Sep American Chess Day  
1-Sep Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day  
1-Sep *Emma M. Nutt Day  
1-Sep *International Day of Awareness for the Dolphins of Taiji Critter
1-Sep *National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day  
1-Sep *Random Acts of Kindness Day or Be Kind Day  
1-Sep *Save Japan's Dolphins Day Event dates vary around the world. But 9/1 is when hunts begin-Critter
1-Sep National Cherry Popover Day Foody
1-Sep *Toy Tips Executive Toy Test Day  
2-Sep *Bison-ten Yell Day  
2-Sep International Bacon Day Foody
2-Sep Pierce Your Ears Day  
2-Sep Spalding Baseball Day  
2-Sep Wear Teal Day  
2-Sep *V-J Day  
2-Sep Bring Your Manners To Work Day 1st Friday
2-Sep Cow Chip Throwing days Friday and Saturday of Labor Day weekend
2-Sep Hug Your Boss Day Usually on a Friday
2-Sep National College Colors Day 1st Friday
2-Sep National Lazy Mom's Day 1st Friday
2-Sep Blueberry Popsicle Day Foody
2-Sep *National No Patrick Day Spongebob Squarepants
2-Sep Sand Scuplting Days  
3-Sep International Bacon Day Foody  The Saturday before Labor Day
3-Sep Franchise Appreciation Day The Saturday of Labor Day weekend
3-Sep National Buffalo Chicken Wings Days Foody  Labor Day weekend
3-Sep World Beard Day  
3-Sep National Hummingbird Day Critter
3-Sep National Tailgating Day 1st Saturday
3-Sep National Welsh Rarebit Day Foody
3-Sep US Bowling League Day  
3-Sep International Vulture Awareness Day Critter
3-Sep National Skyscraper Day  
3-Sep National Writing Date Day 1st Saturday
3-Sep *Penny Press Day  
4-Sep *National Wildlife Day Critter
4-Sep Eat an Extra Desssert Day Foody
4-Sep National Macadamia Nut Day Foody
4-Sep *National Newspaper Carrier Day  
5-Sep *Be Late For Something Day  
5-Sep Great Bathtub Race On Labor Day
5-Sep National Cheese Pizza Day Foody
5-Sep *International Day of Charity  
5-Sep National Shrink Day  
5-Sep *Jury Rights Day  
5-Sep Labor Day Traditional
6-Sep National Coffee Ice Cream Day Foody
6-Sep Barbie Doll Day  
6-Sep Fight Procrastination Day  
6-Sep Read a Book Day  
6-Sep Great Egg Toss Day  
6-Sep Another Look Unlimited Day Day after Labor Day
7-Sep *Google Commemoration   
7-Sep Acorn Squash Day Foody
7-Sep National Feel The Love Day  
7-Sep *Grandma Moses Day  
7-Sep *National Attention Deficit Disorder Awareness Day  
7-Sep *"Neither Snow nor Rain" Day  
7-Sep *Salami Day Foody
8-Sep *International Literacy Day  
8-Sep *National Ampersand Day  
8-Sep Date Nut Bread Day Foody
8-Sep National Pledge of Allegiance Day  
8-Sep *Pardon Day  
8-Sep *Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses Day  
8-Sep *Virgin Mary Day  Birthday
8-Sep *World Physical Therapy Day  
9-Sep *Care Bears Share Your Care Day  
9-Sep *International Buy A Priest A Beer Day Foody
9-Sep National Steak Au Poivre Day Foody
9-Sep International Sudoku Day  
9-Sep Tester's Day  
9-Sep National 401K Day  
9-Sep National Teddy Bear Day Critter
9-Sep National Hug Your Boss Day  
9-Sep *Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Day  
9-Sep *Opposite Day  Spongebob Squarepants  Do the Opposite of What You Normally Do
9-Sep Weinerschnitzel Day Foody
9-Sep *Wonderful Weirdoes Day  
9-Sep Banana Day Foody   2nd Friday
9-Sep Stand Up To Cancer Day 2nd Friday
10-Sep Farmers' Consumer Awareness Day 2nd Saturday
10-Sep International Drive Your Studebaker Day 2nd Saturday
10-Sep National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children 2nd Saturday
10-Sep Sew Be It Day  
10-Sep World First Aid Day  
10-Sep Blame It On The Large Hadron Collider Day  
10-Sep National Hollerin' Day 2nd Saturday
10-Sep National Iguana Awareness Day Critter 2nd Saturday
10-Sep TV Dinner Day Foody
10-Sep Carl Garner's Federal Lands Clean Up Day  
10-Sep Creepy Boston Dynamics Robotic Horse Day  
10-Sep National Hot Dog Day Foody
10-Sep National Lace Making Day  
10-Sep Aunt's Day  
10-Sep National Swap Ideas Day  
10-Sep Prairie Day 2nd Saturday
10-Sep *Swap Ideas Day  
10-Sep *World Suicide Prevention Day  
11-Sep Grandparent's Day 1st Sunday after Labor Day
11-Sep Pet Rock Day 1st Sunday of September
11-Sep *Libraries Remember Day  
11-Sep Miss America Pageant  
11-Sep Make Your Bed Day  
11-Sep Emergency Responders Day  
11-Sep No News Is Good News Day  
11-Sep Pet Memorial Day 2nd Sunday 
11-Sep Sustainable House Day  
11-Sep "I Want To Start My Own Business" Day  
11-Sep *National Day of Service and Remembrance  
11-Sep National Hug Your Hound Day Critter   2nd Sunday
11-Sep Hot Cross Bun Day Foody
11-Sep *Patriot Day  
11-Sep *Remember Freedom Day  
12-Sep *International Day for South-South Cooperation  
12-Sep National Boss/Employee Exchange Day 1st Monday after Labor day
12-Sep National Programmers Day The 256th day of the year
12-Sep I'm On Top Of It Day  
12-Sep Day of Encouragement  
12-Sep Police Woman Day  
12-Sep Chocolate Milkshake Day Foody
12-Sep *Video Games Day  
12-Sep World Maritime Day 2nd Monday
13-Sep *International Chocolate Day Foody
13-Sep *Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day  
13-Sep *National Celiac Awareness Day  
13-Sep Bald Is Beautiful Day  
13-Sep Defy Superstition Day  
13-Sep Fortune Cookie Day Foody
13-Sep Positive Thinking Day  
13-Sep *National Peanut Day Foody
13-Sep Snack a Pickle Time Foody
13-Sep *Roald Dahl Day  
13-Sep *Scooby-Doo Day  
13-Sep National Pet Memorial Day Critter    2nd Sunday
14-Sep Eat a Hoagie Day Foody
14-Sep National Coloring Day  
14-Sep The Exaltation of the Holy Cross   
14-Sep *National Kreme Filled Donut Day Foody
15-Sep *8-Track Tape Day  
15-Sep *Felt Hat Day  
15-Sep *Google.com Day  
15-Sep *Greenpeace Day  
15-Sep Make a Hat Day  
15-Sep Thank You Day  
15-Sep Someday  
15-Sep Caregivers Day  
15-Sep Crème De Menthe Day Foody
15-Sep *International Day of Democracy  
15-Sep Linguine Day Foody
15-Sep *International Dot Day  
15-Sep *LGBT Center Awareness Day  
15-Sep *National Cheese Toast Day Foody
15-Sep RAINN Day  3rd Thursday [Rape Abuse Incest National Network]
16-Sep *Anne Dudley Bradstreet Day  
16-Sep Clean Up The World Weekend 3rd Weekend     
16-Sep Constitution Day/Pledge Across America  
16-Sep *International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer  
16-Sep International Grenache Day 3rd Friday
16-Sep *Mayflower Day  
16-Sep *National Tattoo Story Day NBC's "Blindspot"
16-Sep *National Guacamole Day Foody
16-Sep National POW/MIA Recognition Day 3rd Friday
16-Sep National Tradesmen Day 3rd Friday
16-Sep  *National Play-doh Day  
16-Sep *Stay Away From Seattle Day  
16-Sep Collect Rocks Day  
16-Sep Working Parents Day  
16-Sep Wrinkled Raincoat Day  
16-Sep Cinnamon Raisin Bread Day Foody
16-Sep *Stepfamily Day  
16-Sep *Trail of Tears Commemoration Day  
17-Sep AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day Critter   3rd Saturday
17-Sep Batman Day Super Hero
17-Sep Big Whopper Liar Day 3rd Saturday
17-Sep Boys' and Girls' Club Day for Kids 3rd Saturday
17-Sep *Citizenship Day  
17-Sep Apple Dumpling Day Foody
17-Sep *Constitution Day  
17-Sep *International Country Music Day  
17-Sep International Eat An Apple Day Foody   3rd Saturday
17-Sep International Coastal Cleanup Day 3rd Saturday
17-Sep Locate An Old Friend Day  
17-Sep National Gymnastics Day  
17-Sep *National Monte Cristo Day Foody
17-Sep National Seatcheck Saturday  3rd Saturday
17-Sep Puppy Mill Awareness Day Critter  3rd Saturday
17-Sep *Time's Up Day  
17-Sep *VFW Ladies Auxiliary Day  
18-Sep *Air Force Birthday  
18-Sep *Chiropractic Founders Day  
18-Sep Rice Krispie Treat Day Foody
18-Sep *Hug A Greeting Card Writer Day  
18-Sep *National Ceiling Fan Day  
18-Sep International Read an 'e' book day  
18-Sep Back to Church Sunday  
18-Sep National Neighborhood Day  
18-Sep Women's Friendship Day  
18-Sep World Bamboo Day  
18-Sep *National Cheeseburger Day Foody
18-Sep *National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day  
18-Sep *National Respect Day  
18-Sep Wife Appreciation Day 3rd Sunday
18-Sep *World Water Monitoring Day  
19-Sep Respect for The Aged Day 3rd Monday
19-Sep Butterscotch Pudding Day Foody
19-Sep *Talk Like A Pirate Day  
20-Sep Get Ready Day 3rd Tuesday
20-Sep Take a Loved One To The Doctor Day  
20-Sep Gibberish Day  
20-Sep Punch Day Foody
20-Sep National IT Professionals Day 3rd Tuesday
21-Sep *International Day of Peace  
21-Sep Miniature Golf Day  
21-Sep Farm Safety Day  
21-Sep World Gratitude Day  
21-Sep Pecan Cookie Day Foody
21-Sep Pause The World Day  
21-Sep National Rehabilitation Day Wednesday of the third week
21-Sep International Banana Festival Foody
21-Sep School Backpack Awareness Day 3rd Wednesday
21-Sep *World's Alzheimer's Day  
22-Sep *American Business Women's Day  
22-Sep Autumn  Autumnal Equinox
22-Sep *Car Free Day Critter
22-Sep *Chainmail Day  
22-Sep *Dear Diary Day  
22-Sep *Elephant  Appreciation Day Critter
22-Sep *Hobbit Day  
22-Sep *Ice Cream Cone Day Foody
22-Sep *International Day of Radiant Peace  
22-Sep Proposal Day  
22-Sep Mabon  
22-Sep *National Centenarian's Day  
22-Sep *National Rock n' Roll Dog Day  
22-Sep National Teach Ag Day 4th Thursday  Foody
22-Sep *National White Chocolate Day Foody
22-Sep *Celebrate Bi-sexuality Day  
23-Sep Innergize Day Day after the Autumn Equinox
23-Sep White Chocolate Day Foody
23-Sep *National Checkers Day  
23-Sep *Dogs In Politics Day  
23-Sep See You At The Pole Day  
23-Sep Great American Pot Pie Day  
23-Sep Love Note Day 4th Friday
23-Sep *Restless Legs Awareness Day  
24-Sep Family Health and Fitness Day USA Last Saturday
24-Sep Fish Amnesty Day Critter  4th Saturday
24-Sep International Lace Day Last Saturday
24-Sep International Rabbit Day Critter  4th Saturday
24-Sep Kids Day 4th Saturday  Kiwanis
24-Sep National Hunting and Fishing Day 4th Saturday
24-Sep *National Familial Hypercholesterolemia Day  
24-Sep Festival of Latest Novelties  
24-Sep National Museum Day  
24-Sep National Public Lands Day Last Saturday
24-Sep Cherries Jubilee Day Foody
24-Sep Bluebird of Happiness Day  
24-Sep National Seat Check Saturday  
24-Sep Nickelodeon's Worldwide Day of Play Last Saturday
24-Sep *Punctuation Day  
24-Sep *Schwenkfelder Thanksgiving Foody
24-Sep R.E.A.D. in America Day 4th Saturday
25-Sep *Bright Pink Lipstick Day  
25-Sep Gold Star Mother's Day Last Sunday
25-Sep International Day of The Deaf Last Sunday
25-Sep *Math Story Telling Day  
25-Sep *National One-Hit Wonder Day  
25-Sep Daughters Day  
25-Sep Cooking Day  
25-Sep Comic Book Day  
25-Sep National Lobster Day  
25-Sep World Rivers Day Last Sunday
25-Sep World Dream Day  
25-Sep Food Service Employees Day  
25-Sep Crab Meat Newburg Day Foody
25-Sep *National Psychotherapy Day  
25-Sep *National Research Administrators Day  
25-Sep *(World) Ataxia Awareness Day  
25-Sep *World Pharmacists Day  
26-Sep Family Day - Be Involved. Stay Involved 4th Monday
26-Sep *Johnny Appleseed Day  
26-Sep *National Dumpling Day Foody
26-Sep *Shamu the Whale Day Critter
26-Sep National Pancake Day Foody
26-Sep European Day of Languages  
26-Sep Lumberjack Day  
26-Sep Better Breakfast Day Foody
26-Sep *Situational Awareness Day  
26-Sep *World Contraception Day  
27-Sep *Ancestor Appreciation Day  
27-Sep *Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day  
27-Sep Corned Beef Hash Day Foody
27-Sep *Google's Birthday  
27-Sep National Voter Registration Day 4th Tuesday
27-Sep National Woman Road Warrior Day 4th Tuesday
27-Sep Chocolate Milk Day Foody
27-Sep Sukkot  
27-Sep Crush a Can Day  
27-Sep *World Tourism Day  
28-Sep Banned Websites Awareness Day Last Wednesday
28-Sep *Fish Tank Floorshow Night  
28-Sep *National Drink Beer Day Foody
28-Sep *National Good Neighbor Day  
28-Sep Strawberry Cream Pie Day Foody
28-Sep Read a Child a Book You Like Day  
28-Sep *International Right To Know Day  
28-Sep Ask A Stupid Question Day Sometimes on the Last Day of School instead
28-Sep *World Rabies Day Critter
28-Sep National Women's Health & Fitness Day  
29-Sep *MAGS Day  
29-Sep *Mutation Day  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
29-Sep *National Biscotti Day Foody
29-Sep *National Attend Your Grandchild's Birth Day  
29-Sep Broadway Musicals Day  
29-Sep Confucius Day  
29-Sep Mocha Day Foody
29-Sep Happy Goose Day  
29-Sep Blackberry Day  
29-Sep Maritime Day  
29-Sep Michaelmas  
29-Sep *International Coffee Day Foody
29-Sep *VFW Day  
29-Sep *World Heart Day  
30-Sep Ask A Stupid Question Day Last School day of the month
30-Sep *Blasphemy Day  
30-Sep Hug A Vegetarian Day Foody Last Friday
30-Sep Chewing Gum Day Foody
30-Sep Mud Pack Day  
30-Sep *International Translation Day  
30-Sep *National Hot Mulled Cider Day Foody
30-Sep Save The Koala Day Critter   Last Friday
30-Sep Support Purple for Platelets Day Last Friday
30-Sep Vegan Baking Day Foody   Last Friday

October * in front indicates it lands on the same date every year  
1-Oct *CD Player Day  
1-Oct Cephalopod Awareness Day 1st Saturday
1-Oct *Fire Pup Day Critter
1-Oct Frugal Fun Day 1st Saturday
1-Oct *International Day of Older Persons  
1-Oct Inter-American Water Day 1st Saturday
1-Oct *International Music Day  
1-Oct *Model T Day  
1-Oct National Black Dog Day Critter
1-Oct International Raccoon Appreciation Day Critter
1-Oct Less Than Perfect Day  
1-Oct Homemade Cookie Day Foody
1-Oct *National Book It! Day  
1-Oct *National Lace Day  
1-Oct *National Walk Your Dog Day Critter
1-Oct *Vegan Baking Day Foody
1-Oct World Card Making Day 1st Saturday
1-Oct *World Vegetarian Day Foody
2-Oct Change A Light Day 1st Sunday
2-Oct Country Inn Bed & Breakfast Day 1st Sunday
2-Oct *Guardian Angels Day  
2-Oct Intergeneration Day 1st Sunday
2-Oct International African Diaspora Day 1st Sunday
2-Oct International Blessings of The Fishing Fleet Day 1st Sunday  (South Africa)
2-Oct World No Alcohol Day  
2-Oct *International Day of Non-violence  
2-Oct Islamic New Year  
2-Oct *National Custodial Workers Day  
2-Oct National Research Maniacs Food Day Foody
2-Oct National Name Your Car Day  
2-Oct *Phileas Fogg's Wager Day  
2-Oct National Fried Scallops Day Foody
2-Oct Rosh Hashanah  
2-Oct World Communion Day 1st Sunday
2-Oct *World Farm Animals Day Critter
3-Oct Child Health Day 1st Monday
3-Oct Day of Unity 1st Monday
3-Oct Blue Shirt Day  
3-Oct Look At The Leaves Day  
3-Oct Mean Girl's Appreciation Day  
3-Oct National Boyfriend Day  
3-Oct National Butterfly and Hummingbird Day Critter
3-Oct National Caramel Custard Day Foody
3-Oct National Family TV Show Day  
3-Oct Techie's Day 1st Monday
3-Oct World Day of Architecture 1st Monday
3-Oct World Day of Bullying Prevention / Blue Shirt Day 1st Monday
3-Oct World Habitat Day 1st Monday
4-Oct *Blessing of The Animals Day  (aka Blessing of the Pets Day, World Pet Day)
4-Oct *Improve Your Office Day  
4-Oct *Kanelbullens Dag Cinnamon Roll Day  Foody
4-Oct *National Taco Day Foody
4-Oct *National Ship in A Bottle Day  
4-Oct Cinnamon Roll Day Foody
4-Oct eDay  
4-Oct Golf Day  
4-Oct Ships-In-Bottles Day  
4-Oct International Toot Your Flute Day  
4-Oct *Ten-Four Day  
4-Oct *Vodka Day Foody
4-Oct *World Animal Day Critter
5-Oct Balloons Around The World Day 1st Wednesday
5-Oct *International Day of No Prostitution  
5-Oct Storytelling Day  
5-Oct Do Something Nice Day  
5-Oct Random Acts of Poetry Day  
5-Oct Apple Betty Day Foody
5-Oct National Kale Day 1st Wednesday   Foody
5-Oct Pet Obesity Awareness Day 1st Wednesday   Critter
5-Oct Walk To School Day 1st Wednesday 
5-Oct *World Teachers Day  
6-Oct *American Libraries Day  
6-Oct *Ecological Debt Day  
6-Oct National Noodle Day Foody
6-Oct National Physician's Assistant Day  
6-Oct Come And Take It Day  
6-Oct National Poetry Day  
6-Oct Garlic Lover's Day Foody
6-Oct *Jackie Mayer Rehab Day  
6-Oct *Mad Hatter Day  
6-Oct *National German-American Day  
6-Oct National Depression Screening Day 2nd Thursday
6-Oct Simchat Torah  
7-Oct Lee's National Denim Day 1st Friday
7-Oct National Diversity Day 1st Friday
7-Oct Bathtub Day  
7-Oct National Flower Day  
7-Oct Plaidurday (National Plaid Day) 1st Friday
7-Oct Frappe' Day Foody
7-Oct *National Personal Safety Day  
7-Oct World Smile Day 1st Friday
7-Oct *You Matter To Me Day  
8-Oct *Alvin C. York Day  
8-Oct American Touch Tag Day  
8-Oct Costume Swap Day  
8-Oct Fluffernutter Day Foody
8-Oct Kids Bowl Free Day  
8-Oct African Penquin Awareness Day Critter
8-Oct Fall Astronomy Day  
8-Oct National Motorcycle Ride Day 2nd Saturday
8-Oct *National Pierogi Day Foody
8-Oct Universal Music Day 2nd Saturday
8-Oct *World Octopus Day Critter
9-Oct Clergy Appreciation Day 2nd Sunday
9-Oct *Leif Erikson Day  
9-Oct Curious Events Day  
9-Oct Fire Prevention Day  
9-Oct National Moldy Cheese Day  
9-Oct National Sneakers Day  
9-Oct Nautilis Night  
9-Oct International Beer and Pizza Day Foody
9-Oct *National Chess Day  
9-Oct *National Pro-Life Cupcake Day Foody
9-Oct * World Post Day  
10-Oct Columbus Day 2nd Monday
10-Oct *International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction  
10-Oct *International Newspaper Carrier Day  
10-Oct *International Stage Mangement Day  
10-Oct *National Handbag Day  
10-Oct National Kick Butt Day 2nd Monday
10-Oct Hug a Drummer Day  
10-Oct Cake Decorating Day Foody
10-Oct Angel Food Cake Day Foody
10-Oct Metric Day  
10-Oct Tuxedo Day  
10-Oct Powers of Ten Day  
10-Oct Squid And Cuttlefish Day Critter
10-Oct Native American Day 2nd Monday
10-Oct * Naval Academy Day  
10-Oct *World Day Against The Death Penalty  
10-Oct *World Homeless Day  
10-Oct *World Mental Health Day  
10-Oct *World Porridge Day Foody
11-Oct Ada Lovelace Day 2nd Tuesday
11-Oct "You Go Girl" Day  
11-Oct Myths and Legends Day  
11-Oct It's My Party Day  
11-Oct National Sausage Pizza Day Foody
11-Oct Ashura  
11-Oct *General Pulaski Memorial Day  
11-Oct *International Day of The Girl Child  
11-Oct *National Coming Out Day  
11-Oct National Face Your Fears Day 2nd Tuesday
11-Oct *National Food Truck Day [Foody]
11-Oct *Southern Food Heritage Day Foody
11-Oct Yom Kippur  
12-Oct *Columbus Day Traditional
12-Oct National Online Banking Day 2nd Monday
12-Oct *Day of the Six Billion  
12-Oct *Drink Local Wine Day Foody
12-Oct Emergency Nurses Day The Wednesday of Emergency Nurses Week
12-Oct Cookbook Launch Day  
12-Oct National Gumbo Day Foody
12-Oct Old Farmers Day  
12-Oct *Free Thought Day  
12-Oct National Bring Your Teddy Bear To Work & School Day 2nd Wednesday
12-Oct *International Moment of Frustration Scream Day  
12-Oct International Top Spinning Day 2nd Wednesday
12-Oct National Fossil Day Wednesday of the 2nd full week
12-Oct National Take Your Parents To Lunch Day 3rd Wednesday
12-Oct S.A.V.E. (Stop America's Violence Everywhere): 12 Link  (2nd Wednesday) 2nd Wednesday (Stop America's Violence Everywhere)
12-Oct *Spanish Language Day  
12-Oct Stop Bullying Day 2nd Wednesday
12-Oct World Arthritis Day  
13-Oct *English Language Day  
13-Oct *International Day for Disaster Reduction  
13-Oct *International African Penguin Awareness Day Critter
13-Oct *International Day for Failure  
13-Oct *Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day  
13-Oct International Suit Up Day  
13-Oct National Train Your Brain Day  
13-Oct National Yorkshire Pudding Day Foody
13-Oct *National Chess Day  
13-Oct *US Navy Birthday  
13-Oct *National No Bra Day  
13-Oct *Silly Sayings Day  
13-Oct World Sight Day 2nd Thursday
14-Oct *Be Bald and Be Free Day  
14-Oct National Costume Swap Day 2nd Saturday
14-Oct National Family Bowling Day  Kids Bowl Free Day
14-Oct National Chocolate Covered Insect Day Critter? Foody?
14-Oct National Dessert Day Foody
14-Oct National FRUMP Day frugal, responsible, unpretentious, mature people
14-Oct national lower case day  
14-Oct World Day Against The Death Penalty  
14-Oct *Spider-Man Day Super Hero
14-Oct World Egg Day 2nd Friday  Foody
14-Oct *World Standards Day  
15-Oct *Blind Americans Equality Day  
15-Oct National White Cane Safety Day  
15-Oct Bridge Day 3rd Saturday
15-Oct *Global Handwashing Day  
15-Oct Independent Video Store Day  
15-Oct National Roast Pheasant Day  
15-Oct Sewing Lovers Day  
15-Oct My Mom is a Student Day  
15-Oct National Chicken Cacciatore Day Foody
15-Oct *International Day of Rural Women  
15-Oct *I Love Lucy Day  
15-Oct *National Cake Decorating Day Foody
15-Oct National Mushroom Day Foody
15-Oct *National Cheese Curd Day Foody
15-Oct *National Grouch Day  
15-Oct *National Latino AIDS Awareness Day  
15-Oct *National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day  
15-Oct Sweetest Day 3rd Saturday
16-Oct *National Feral Cat Day Critter
16-Oct *Department Store Day  
16-Oct Learn a Word Day  
16-Oct Cut Up Your Credit Card Day  
16-Oct Steve Jobs Day  
16-Oct World Spine Day  
16-Oct *Dictionary Day Noah Webster's Birthday
16-Oct National Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Day 3rd Sunday
16-Oct World Toy Camera Day 3rd Sunday
16-Oct *World Food Day Foody
17-Oct *Black Poetry Day  
17-Oct *Boss's Day (or National Boss's Day)  If it falls on a weekend, the closest workday
17-Oct *International Day for the Eradication of Poverty  
17-Oct Four Prunes Day Foody
17-Oct Adjust Your Chair Day  
17-Oct Multicultural Diversity Day  
17-Oct Spreadsheet Day  
17-Oct National Trauma Day  
17-Oct Edge Day  
17-Oct *Mulligan Day Golf
17-Oct National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day 3rd Monday
17-Oct *National Pasta Day Foody
17-Oct *Wear Something Gaudy Day  
18-Oct *Hard Boiled Guy/Girl Day  
18-Oct *National Chocolate Cupcake Day: Foody
18-Oct No Beard Day  
18-Oct Face Your Fears Day  
18-Oct National Pharmacy Technician Day 3rd Tuesday
18-Oct Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity 3rd Tuesday
18-Oct *World Menopause Day  
19-Oct *Evaluate Your Life Day  
19-Oct Hagfish Day 3rd Wednesday   Critter
19-Oct Dress Like a Dork Day  
19-Oct Seafood Bisque Day Foody
19-Oct Information Overload Day 3rd Wednesday
19-Oct LGBT Center Awareness Day  
19-Oct Medical Assistants Recognition Day Wednesday of the 3rd full week
19-Oct Rainforest Day  
19-Oct New Friends Day  
19-Oct Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce 3rd Wednesday
19-Oct Unity Day  
20-Oct *Birth of the Bab  
20-Oct Conflict Resolution Day 3rd Thursday
20-Oct Get to Know Your Customers Day 3rd Thursday of each quarter
20-Oct Get Smart About Credit Day 3rd Thursday
20-Oct Brandied Fruit Day Foody
20-Oct Call-In Day for Health Reform  
20-Oct Suspenders Day  
20-Oct Day of the Air Traffic Controller  
20-Oct International Credit Union Day 3rd Thursday
20-Oct *Miss American Rose Day  
20-Oct Spirit Day 3rd Thursday
21-Oct Black Poetry Day 3rd Friday
21-Oct *Celebration of The Mind Day  
21-Oct *Global Iodine Deficiency Disorder (IDD) Prevention Day  
21-Oct Apple Day Foody
21-Oct Babbling Day  
21-Oct Count Your Buttons Day  
21-Oct Garbanzo Bean Day Foody
21-Oct International Day of the Nacho Foody
21-Oct Pumpkin Cheesecake Day Foody
21-Oct World Student Day  
21-Oct Mammography Day 3rd Friday
21-Oct National Edge Days 3rd weekend
21-Oct National Pharmacy Buyer Day Friday of the 3rd full week
21-Oct *Reptile Awareness Day Critter
22-Oct *CAPS LOCK DAY Celebrated Twice a Year (June/October)
22-Oct *International Stuttering Awareness Day  
22-Oct Clean Up The Earth Day  
22-Oct Eat a Pretzel Day Foody
22-Oct National Pit Bull Awareness Day Critter
22-Oct Knee Day  
22-Oct *Color Day  
22-Oct International Stuttering Awareness Day  
22-Oct Make A Difference Day 4th Saturday
22-Oct *National Nut Day Foody
22-Oct *Smart is Cool Day  
23-Oct Ashura  
23-Oct *IPod Day  
23-Oct Mother-in-Law Day 4th Sunday
23-Oct Boston Cream Pie Day Foody
23-Oct Canning Day  
23-Oct *National Mole Day Critter
23-Oct *Swallows Depart from San Juan Capistrano Day  
23-Oct *TV Talk Show Host Day Always on Johnny Carson's Birthday
23-Oct Xterra World Championships  
24-Oct *Food Day Foody
24-Oct Lung Health Day Monday of respiratory care week
24-Oct Shemini Atzeret  
24-Oct *Black Thursday 1929
24-Oct 40 Hour Work Week Day  
24-Oct Take Back Your Time Day  
24-Oct Bologna Day  
24-Oct National Crazy Day  
24-Oct World Polio Day  
24-Oct National Good and Plenty Day Foody
24-Oct * United Nations Day  
24-Oct *World Development Information Day  
25-Oct *Chucky, The Notorious Killer Doll Day  
25-Oct *International Artists Day  
25-Oct National Cartoonists Against Crime Day  
25-Oct National Greasy Foods Day Foody
25-Oct Punk For A Day Day  
25-Oct World Pizza Makers Day  
25-Oct Simchat Torah  
25-Oct *Sourest Day  
25-Oct *World Pasta Day Foody
26-Oct *Worldwide Howl at The Moon Night  
26-Oct *Intersex Awareness Day  
26-Oct Horseless Carriage Day  
26-Oct National Mincemeat Day Foody
26-Oct Pumpkin Day Foody
26-Oct *Mule Day Critter
26-Oct *National Day of The Deployed  
27-Oct *Cranky Co-workers Day  
27-Oct American Beer Day Foody
27-Oct National Potato Day Foody
27-Oct Occupational Therapy Day  
27-Oct Sylvia Plath Day  
27-Oct Boxer Shorts Day  
27-Oct *Navy Day  
27-Oct *World Day for Audiovisual Heritage  
28-Oct *Champagne Day Foody
28-Oct International Bandanna Day Last Friday
28-Oct National Breadstix (Bread Sticks) Day Last Friday  Foody
28-Oct International Animation Day  
28-Oct Plush Animal Lovers Day Critter
28-Oct Frankenstein Friday Last Friday 
28-Oct Separation of Church and State Day  
28-Oct Statue of Liberty Dedication Day  
28-Oct Wild Foods Day Foody
28-Oct *National Chocolate Day Foody
28-Oct *St. Jude's Day  
29-Oct *Internet Day  
29-Oct *National Cat Day Critter
29-Oct Hermit Day  
29-Oct Oatmeal Day Foody
29-Oct World Stroke Day  
29-Oct *World Psoriasis Day  
29-Oct National Forgiveness Day Last Saturday
29-Oct Pit Bull Awareness Day Last Saturday   Critter
30-Oct *Checklist Day  
30-Oct *Create A Great Funeral Day  
30-Oct Pumpkin Bread Day Foody
30-Oct *Devil's Night or Mischief Night  
30-Oct Diwali The date varies each year
30-Oct *Haunted Refrigerator Night  
30-Oct *National Candy Corn Day Foody
30-Oct Reformation Sunday Sunday before Halloween
30-Oct Sugar Addiction Awareness Day  
30-Oct Visit A Cemetery Day Last Sunday
31-Oct *Beggars' Night  
31-Oct *Books For Treats Day Foody
31-Oct *Day of the Seven Billion  
31-Oct *Girl Scout Founder's Day  
31-Oct * Halloween or All Hallows Eve Traditional 
31-Oct *National Caramel Apple Day Foody
31-Oct *National Knock-Knock Jokes Day  
31-Oct *National Magic Day  
31-Oct Carve a Pumpkin Day  
31-Oct Increase Your Psychic Powers Day  
31-Oct Scare a Friend Day  
31-Oct Sneak Candy Before Kids Start Knocking Day  
31-Oct *National UNICEF Day  
31-Oct *Samhain Gaelic festival marking beginning of Winter
31-Oct *World Cities Day  

November * in front indicates it lands on the same date every year  
1-Nov Deep Fried Clams Day Foody
1-Nov Vinegar Day Foody
1-Nov World Vegan Day Foody
1-Nov Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead)
1-Nov All Saints Day  
1-Nov Birthday of Alfred Wegener (Continental Drift Guy)
1-Nov National Brush Day  
1-Nov Prime Meridian Day  
1-Nov Cook For Your Pets DaY Critter
1-Nov Give Up Your Shoulds Day  
1-Nov Roy Harper's Birthday Super Hero
1-Nov National Author's Day  
1-Nov Family Literacy Day  
1-Nov Patricia 'Patsy' Walker's Birthday Super Hero
2-Nov Deviled Eggs Day Foody
2-Nov Plan Your Epitaph Day  
2-Nov All Souls Day  
2-Nov Eating Healthy Day Foody
2-Nov Cookie Monster Day  
2-Nov Practice Being Psychic Day  
2-Nov Look For Circles Day  
2-Nov National Mutt Day Critter
3-Nov Wesley Dodd's Birthday Super Hero
3-Nov Jellyfish Day Critter
3-Nov Cliché' Day  
3-Nov Give Someone A Dollar Today Day  
3-Nov National Housewife Day  
3-Nov Sandwich Day Foody
3-Nov Men Make Dinner Day Foody
4-Nov Divinity Candy Day Foody
4-Nov King Tut Day  
4-Nov National Candy Day  
4-Nov Chicken Lady Day  
4-Nov Natinal Skeptics Day  
4-Nov Waiting For The Barbarians Day  
4-Nov Use Your Common Sense Day  
5-Nov Rex Tyler's Birthday Super Hero
5-Nov Doughnut Day Foody
5-Nov American Football Day  
5-Nov National Wine Tasting Day Foody
5-Nov Bank Transfer Day  
5-Nov Commercial TV Broadcast Day  
5-Nov Digital Scrapbooking Day  
5-Nov Learn to Homebrew Day  
5-Nov National Gunpowder Day  
5-Nov Love Your Red Hair Day  
5-Nov Sausage and Kraut Day 1st Saturday   Foody
5-Nov *Stout Day  
6-Nov Boston Brand's Birthday Super Hero
6-Nov Daylight Savings Time Ends Turn clocks back one hour
6-Nov *International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict  
6-Nov Basketball Day  
6-Nov Marooned Without a Compass Day  
6-Nov *National Nachos Day Foody
6-Nov *Saxophone Day  
6-Nov Zero Tasking Day 1st Sunday
7-Nov National Hug a Bear Day (Stuffed) Critter
7-Nov Martha Johansson's Birthday Super Hero
7-Nov Birthday of Martha Clark Kent  Super Hero
7-Nov *Employee Brotherhood Day Spongebob Squarepants
7-Nov Fill Our Staplers Day Day after Daylight Savings ends
7-Nov *International Merlot Day Foody
7-Nov Little League Girls Day  
7-Nov Notary Public Day  
7-Nov Job Action Day 1st Monday
7-Nov *National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day Foody
7-Nov *National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day Critter
7-Nov Traffic Directors Day 1st Monday
8-Nov *Abet and Aid Punsters Day  
8-Nov *Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day Foody
8-Nov *Dunce Day  
8-Nov Election Day Only on Election years
8-Nov *National Parents As Teachers Day  
8-Nov Ample time Day  
8-Nov Cappuccino Day Foody
8-Nov Harvey Wallbanger Day  
8-Nov Anniversary of the Louvre Opening 1793
8-Nov *National S.T.E.M./S.T.E.A.M. Day  
8-Nov National Young Reader's Day 2nd Tuesday
8-Nov *X-ray Day  
9-Nov *Kristallnacht  
9-Nov Carl Sagan Day  
9-Nov Go To An Art Museum Today Day  
9-Nov National Chaos Never Dies Day  
9-Nov Scrapple Day Foody
9-Nov *World Freedom Day  
10-Nov *Area Code Day  
10-Nov International Tempranillo Day 2nd Thursday    Foody
10-Nov Accounting Day  
10-Nov Forget-Me-Not Day  
10-Nov Vanilla Cupcake Day Foody
10-Nov World Usability Day  
10-Nov *Marine Corps Birthday 1775
10-Nov *Sesame Street Day  
10-Nov *Windows Day  Microsoft
10-Nov *World Science Day for Peace and Development  
11-Nov *Death/Duty Day  
11-Nov *Origami Day  
11-Nov Air Day  
11-Nov National Sundae Day  
11-Nov *Red Lipstick Day  
11-Nov *Veterans Day Traditional
12-Nov Domino Day 2nd Friday most years, sometimes 2nd Saturday
12-Nov *Baha'u'llah Day  
12-Dec Over and Under Day  
12-Dec Chicken Soup For The Soul Day  
12-Dec Wine Tourism Day  
12-Dec Happy Hour Day  
12-Dec Pizza With The Works (Except Anchovies) Day  
12-Nov *Fancy Rat & Mouse Day Critter
12-Nov *World Pneumonia Day  
13-Nov International Day of Prayer for The Persecuted Church 2nd Sunday
13-Nov Actor's Day  
13-Nov Tongue Twister Day  
13-Nov Indian Pudding Day  
13-Nov Robert Louis Stevenson's Birthday  
13-Nov National Mom and Dad's Day  
13-Nov Sadie Hawkins Day  
13-Nov Start a Rumor Day  
13-Nov *World Kindness Day  
14-Nov *International Girls Day  
14-Nov *International Selfie Day  Diabetes Foundation
14-Nov *Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day  
14-Nov *National American Teddy Bear Day Critter
14-Nov *National Spicy Guacamole Day Foody
14-Nov *National Pickle Day Foody
14-Nov *Anniversary of the Invention of Cellophane  
14-Nov *Operating Room Nurse Day  
14-Nov *Spirit of NSA  National Speakers Association
14-Nov *World Diabetes Day  
14-Nov  World Orphans Day 2nd Monday
15-Nov *America Recycles Day  
15-Nov *George Spelvin Day or More Than One Role Day  
15-Nov *I Love to Write Day  
15-Nov *National Bundt (Pan) Day Foody
15-Nov *National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day Foody
15-Nov Little Red Wagon Day  
15-Nov Pack Your Mom's Lunch Day  
15-Nov Raisin Bran Cereal Day Foody
15-Nov Day of the Imprisoned Writer  
15-Nov Spicy Hermit Cookie Day Foody
15-Nov National Entrepreneurship Day 3rd Tuesday
15-Nov *National Philanthropy Day  
15-Nov *Rock Your Mocs Day  
16-Nov *International Day for Tolerance  
16-Nov Geographic Information Systems Day  
16-Nov Party With Your Bear Day Critter
16-Nov Fast Food Day Foody
16-Nov *National Button Day  
16-Nov National Educational Support Professionals Day Wednesday of week before Thanksgiving
17-Nov Beaujolais Nouveau Day 3rd Thursday
17-Nov Great American Smokeout Thursday before Thanks giving
17-Nov *Homemade Bread Day Foody
17-Nov Electronic Greeting Card Day  
17-Nov International Student's Day  
17-Nov Farm Joke Day  
17-Nov Take A Hike Day  
17-Nov Baklava Day Foody
17-Nov Mobius's Birthday  
17-Nov Anniversary of Lewis&Clark reaching the 'ocian'  
17-Nov The Little Mermaid Day  
17-Nov World Philosophy Day  
17-Nov *National Unfriend Day  
17-Nov *Petroleum Day  
17-Nov *World Prematurity Awareness Day  
18-Nov *European Antibiotic Awareness Day  
18-Nov GIS Day 3rd Wednesday Geographic Information Systems
18-Nov *Married To A Scorpio Support Day  
18-Nov *Mickey Mouse Day (Birthday) Critter
18-Nov Vichyssoise Day Foody
18-Nov Anniversary of William Tell and the Apple  
18-Nov International STAND UP to Bullying Day  
18-Nov Rocky and Bullwinkle Day Critter
18-Nov *National Apple Cider Day Foody
18-Nov Occult Day  
18-Nov *Push-button Phone Day  
18-Nov Substitute Educators Day Friday of American Education Week
19-Nov *American Made Matters Day  
19-Nov *Equal Opportunity Day Gettysburg Address Day
19-Nov Family Volunteer Day Saturday of weekend before Thanksgiving
19-Nov Guinness World Record Day 3rd Saturday
19-Nov *Have A Bad Day Day  
19-Nov International Games Day  3rd Saturday
19-Nov *International Men's Day  
19-Nov Play Monopoly Day  
19-Nov Gettysburg Address Day  
19-Nov Mother Goose Day Sunday before Thanksgiving
19-Nov National Adoption Day Saturday before Thanksgiving
19-Nov National Day of Play 3rd Saturday
19-Nov National Survivors of Suicide Day  Saturday before Thanksgiving
19-Nov Playmobil's National Day of Play 3rd Saturday
19-Nov *Rocky and Bullwinkle Day Super Hero
19-Nov Use Less Stuff Day Thursday of week before Thanksgiving
19-Nov *World Philosophy Day  
19-Nov *Women's Entrepreneurship Day  
19-Nov *World Toilet Day  
20-Nov *African Industrialization Day  
20-Nov Crystal Skull World Day Sunday of 4th week
20-Nov Do Dah Day   
20-Nov *Globally Organized Hug A Runner Day  aka G.O.H.A.R.D.
20-Nov *Name Your PC Day  
20-Nov Beautiful Day  
20-Nov Future Teachers of America Day  
20-Nov Edwin Hubble's Birthday  
20-Nov Happy Inventions Day  
20-Nov Hug a Runner Day  
20-Nov *National Peanut Butter Fudge Day Foody
20-Nov *Transgender Day of Remembrance  
20-Nov *Universal Children's Day  
20-Nov World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims 3rd Sunday
21-Nov *Alascattalo Day   
21-Nov National Stuffing Day Foody
21-Nov Pumpkin Pie Day Foody
21-Nov False Confession Day  
21-Nov Rene Magritte's Birthday  
21-Nov *World Hello Day  
21-Nov *World Television Day  
22-Nov Go For a Ride Day  
22-Nov Humane Society Anniversary Day Critter
22-Nov Cranberry Relish Day Foody
22-Nov Start Your Own Country Day  
22-Nov Stop The Violence Day  
22-Nov Fantastic Flyers Day  
23-Nov *Doctor Who Day Super Hero
23-Nov *Fibonacci Day  
23-Nov *International Day To End Impunity  
23-Nov Black Out Wednesday  
23-Nov Cashew Day Foody
23-Nov *International Image Consultant Day  
23-Nov Tie One On Day Day before Thanksgiving
23-Nov *National Espresso Day Foody
24-Nov *Brownielocks Day Foody
24-Nov *Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day  
24-Nov *D.B. Cooper Day  
24-Nov  National Day of Mourning Thanksgiving Day
24-Nov Sardines Day Foody
24-Nov Birthday of Carlo Lorenzini aka Carlo Collodi  
24-Nov Thanksgiving Day Traditional
24-Nov Use Even If The Seal Is Broken Day  
24-Nov Turkey-free Thanksgiving Foody
25-Nov Black Friday Day after Thanksgiving
25-Nov *Blase´Day  
25-Nov Buy Nothing Day First Shopping day after Thanksgiving
25-Nov Flossing Day Day After Thanksgiving
25-Nov Fur Free Friday Day after Thanksgiving
25-Nov *International Day For the Elimination of Violence Against Women Day  
25-Nov *International Hat Day  
25-Nov Leftovers Day Foody
25-Nov St Catherine's Day  
25-Nov Parfait Day Foody
25-Nov Maize Day Day after Thankgiving    Foody
25-Nov National Day of Listening Day after Thanksgiving
25-Nov National Native American Heritage Day Day after Thanksgiving
25-Nov *Shopping Reminder Day  
25-Nov Sinkie Day Foody
25-Nov You're Welcomegiving Day Day after Thanksgiving
26-Nov International Aura Awareness Day 4th Saturday
26-Nov Good Grief Day  
26-Nov Cake Day Foody
26-Nov Birthday of Mary Edwards Walker  
26-Nov Casablanca Day  
26-Nov *World Day of Giving Last Saturday
26-Nov Small Business Saturday First Saturday after Thanksgiving
27-Nov Turtle Adoption Day  
27-Nov Bavarian Cream Pie Day Foody
27-Nov Electric Guitar Day  
27-Nov Pins and Needles Day  
27-Nov Pie In The Face Day  
27-Nov Bill Nye's Birthday  
27-Nov Birthday of Jimi Hendrix  
27-Nov Birthday of Anders Celsius  
28-Nov Cider Monday 1st Monday after Thanksgiving   Foody
28-Nov It's Letter Writing Day  
28-Nov Red Planet Day  
28-Nov Turkey Leftovers Day Foody
28-Nov Birthday of William Blake  
28-Nov Make Your Own Head Day  
28-Nov French Toast Day Foody
28-Nov Cyber Monday 1st Monday after Thanksgiving
29-Nov *Electronic Greetings Day  
29-Nov Giving Tuesday Day after Cyber Monday
29-Nov Customer Is Wrong Day  
29-Nov National Chocolates Day Foody
29-Nov Throw Out Your Leftovers Day  
29-Nov Lemon Crème Pie Day Foody
29-Nov *International Day of Solidarity With The Palestinian People  
29-Nov *Square Dancing Day  
30-Nov *Computer Security Day  
30-Nov *National Meth Awareness Day  
30-Nov Rabi'I  
30-Nov National Mousse Day Foody
30-Nov Rockerfeller Christmas Tree Lighting  
30-Nov *Stay Home Because You're Well Day
December * in front indicates it lands on the same date every year  
1-Dec *Antartica Day  
1-Dec *Basketball Day  
1-Dec *Bifocals at the Monitor Liberation Day  
1-Dec Wear A Dress Day  
1-Dec *Civil Air Patrol Day  
1-Dec Eat a Red Apple Day Foody
1-Dec Christmas Lights Day  
1-Dec *Day Without Art Day  
1-Dec National Christmas Tree Lighting  WA DC
1-Dec *Rosa Parks Day  
1-Dec *World Aids Day  
2-Dec Faux Fur Friday 1st Friday
2-Dec *International Day for the Abolition of Slavery Day  
2-Dec *National Mutt Day Critter
2-Dec *National Fritters Day Foody
2-Dec National Salesperson Day 1st Friday
2-Dec International Sweater Vestival  
2-Dec Play Basketball Day  
2-Dec *Safety Razor Day  
2-Dec Business of Popping Corn Day Foody
2-Dec *Special Education Day  
2-Dec Bartender Appreciation Day 1st Saturday    
3-Dec Earmuff Day or Chester Greenwood Day 1st Saturday
3-Dec *International Day of Persons With Disabilities  
3-Dec National Apple Pie Day Foody
3-Dec National Roof-Over-Your-Head Day  
3-Dec Coats and Toys for Kids Day  
3-Dec National Green Bean Casserole Day Foody
3-Dec Let's Hug Day  
3-Dec Make a Gift Day  
3-Dec National Rhubarb Vodka Day 1st Saturday   Foody
3-Dec Skywarn Recognition Day 1st Saturday
4-Dec *National Cookie Day Foody
4-Dec *National Dice Day  
4-Dec Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day  
4-Dec National Kitten Day Critter
4-Dec Wear Brown Shoes Day  
4-Dec International Cheetah Day Critter
4-Dec Santa's List Day  
4-Dec *World Wildlife Conservation Day Critter
4-Dec XTERRA Trail Running Championship  
5-Dec *AFL-CIO Day  
5-Dec *Bathtub Party Day  
5-Dec National Communicate With Your Kids Day  
5-Dec Repeal Day  
5-Dec Krampus!  
5-Dec *Columbian International Day of The Reef  
5-Dec *International Ninja Day  
5-Dec National Blue Jeans Day  
5-Dec *International Volunteer Day for Economic & Social Development  
5-Dec National Commute With Your Baby Day  
5-Dec *Sachertorte Day Foody
5-Dec *World Soil Day  
6-Dec *Miners' Day  
6-Dec Mitten Tree Day  
6-Dec National Microwave Oven Day  
6-Dec Put On Your Own Shoes Day  
6-Dec National Gazpacho Day Foody
6-Dec *National Pawnbrokers Day  
6-Dec *St. Nicholas Day  
7-Dec *National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day  
7-Dec *National Letter Writing Day  
7-Dec *International Civil Aviation Day  
7-Dec *National Cotton Candy Day Foody
7-Dec Special Kids Day 1st Wednesday
8-Dec National Brownie Day Foody
8-Dec National Christmas Tree Day  
8-Dec Take It In The Ear Day  
8-Dec *Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day  
9-Dec *Cremation Day  
9-Dec National Pastry Day Foody
9-Dec *International Anti-corruption Day  
9-Dec Christmas Card Day  
9-Dec World Techno Day  
9-Dec Official Lost & Found Day 2nd Friday
9-Dec *Weary Willie Day  
10-Dec Day Of The Horse 2nd Saturday    Critter
10-Dec *Dewey Decimal System Day  
10-Dec Gingerbread Decorating Day 2nd Saturday    Foody
10-Dec Festival for the Souls of Dead Whales  
10-Dec National Day of Animal Rights Critter
10-Dec *Human Rights Day  
10-Dec International Shareware Day 2nd Saturday
10-Dec National Lager Day Foody
10-Dec *Jane Addams Day  
10-Dec National Wreaths Across America Day 2nd Saturday
10-Dec *Nobel Prize Day  
11-Dec *International Mountain Day  
11-Dec Holiday Food Drive for Needy Animals Day  
11-Dec National Noodle Ring Day Foody
11-Dec Mawlid Al Nabi  
11-Dec *UNICEF Birthday  
11-Dec Worldwide Candle Lighting Day  2nd Sunday - The Compassionate Friends
11-Dec World Choral Day 2nd Sunday
12-Dec *Gingerbread House Day Foody
12-Dec Green Monday 2nd Monday
12-Dec *National 12-hour Fresh Breath Day  
12-Dec *National Cocoa Day Foody
12-Dec National Ambrosia Day Foody
12-Dec *National Lost Day  
12-Dec National Ding-A-Ling Day  
12-Dec Festival of Unmentionable Thoughts Day  
12-Dec *Our Lady of Guadelupe  
12-Dec *Poinsettia Day  
13-Dec National Ice Cream Day Foody
13-Dec National Cocoa Day Foody
13-Dec *Pick A Pathologist Pal Day  
13-Dec National Violin Day  
14-Dec *Monkey Day Critter
14-Dec National Bouillabaisse Day Foody
14-Dec *Yoga Day  
15-Dec *Bill of Rights Day  
15-Dec National Regifting Day  
15-Dec *Cat Herders Day Critter
15-Dec National Lemon Cupcake Day Foody
15-Dec Free Shipping Day 3rd Thursday at Participating Retailers
16-Dec *Barbie and Barney Backlash Day  
16-Dec *National Chocolate-covered Anything Day Foody
16-Dec National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day Friday of 2nd full week
16-Dec Boston Tea Party Day  
16-Dec Stupid Toy Day  
16-Dec Underdog Day 3rd Friday    SuperHero
16-Dec *Zionism Day  
17-Dec *Clean Air Day  
17-Dec National Re-gifting Day 3rd Thursday
17-Feb National Maple Syrup Day Foody
17-Dec Pan American Aviation Day  
17-Jan *Wright Brothers Day  
18-Dec *Answer The Telephone Like Buddy The Elf Day  
18-Dec *Arabic Language Day  
18-Dec Bake Cookies Day Foody
18-Dec National Wear a Plunger On Your Head Day  
18-Dec Flake Appreciation Day  
18-Dec National Ham Salad Day Foody
18-Dec National Roast Suckling Pig Day Foody
18-Dec *Give A Wine Club Day Foody
18-Dec *International Migrants Day  
19-Dec Holly Day  
19-Dec Look For an Evergreen Day  
19-Dec National Oatmeal Muffin Day Foody
19-Dec National Hard Candy Day Foody
20-Dec *International Human Solidarity Day  
20-Dec *Games Day  
20-Dec Cathode-Ray Tube Day  
20-Dec Dot Your i's Day  
20-Dec Sacajawea Day  
20-Dec Go Caroling Day  
20-Dec *Mudd Day (Dr Samuel Mudd)
20-Dec *National Sangria Day Foody
20-Dec *Poet Laureat Day  
20-Dec *World Day of Prayer and Action for Children  
21-Dec *Celebrate Short Fiction Day  
21-Dec *Crossword Puzzle Day  
21-Dec *Forefathers Day  
21-Dec Global Orgasm Day On Winter Solstice
21-Dec *Humbug Day  
21-Dec *Look on the Bright Side Day  
21-Dec National French Fried Shrimp Day Foody
21-Dec *International Dalek Remembrance Day  
21-Dec National Hamburger Day Foody
21-Dec National Flashlight Day Shortest Day of the Year
21-Dec *National Homeless Persons' Remembrance Day  
21-Dec *Phileas Fogg Win A Wager Day  
21-Dec *Short Girl Appreciation Day Shortest Day of the Year
21-Dec *World Peace Day  
21-Dec Winter  Winter Solstice
21-Dec National Kiwi Fruit Day  
21-Dec *Yalda  
21-Dec *Yule  
22-Dec National Cookie Exchange Day Foody
22-Dec National Date Nut Bread Day Foody
22-Dec Lottie Moon Day  
22-Dec Abilities Day  
23-Dec Festivus  
23-Dec National Pfeffernusse Day Foody
23-Dec National Roots Day  
23-Dec *Human Light Celebration  
24-Dec Chanukah Traditional
24-Dec *Christmas Eve Traditional
24-Dec Super Saturday (Panic Saturday) Last Saturday before Christmas
24-Dec Last Minute Shoppers Day  
24-Dec *Egg Nog Day Foody
25-Dec *A'Phabet Day or No "L" Day  (Noel / No "L")
25-Dec *Christmas Traditional
25-Dec National Pumpkin Pie Day Foody
25-Dec *Christmas Pudding Day Foody
26-Dec *Boxing Day Canada
26-Dec *National Candy Cane Day Foody
26-Dec The Start of Kwanzaa  
26-Dec Feast of Saint Stephen  
26-Dec *National Thank-you Note Day  
26-Dec *National Whiner's Day  
27-Dec *Free Balloon Day Spongebob Squarepants
27-Dec *Howdy Doody Day  
27-Dec National Fruitcake Day Foody
27-Dec Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day  
27-Dec *Visit The Zoo Day Critter
28-Dec *Holy Innocents Day  
28-Dec *Endangered Species Act Day Critter
28-Dec Call a Friend Day  
28-Dec National Card Playing Day  
28-Dec *National Chocolate Candy Day Foody
28-Dec *Pledge of Allegiance Day  
29-Dec *Tick Tock Day  
29-Dec Still Need to Do Day  
29-Dec National Pepper Pot Day Foody
29-Dec *YMCA Day The actual YMCA not the song
30-Dec *Bacon Day Foody
30-Dec *Falling Needles Family Fest Day  
30-Dec National Bicarbonate of Soda Day Foody
30-Dec Festival of Enormous Changes at the Last Minute  
30-Dec No Interruptions Day Last Business Day of the Year
31-Dec *First Nights  
31-Dec *Global Champagne Day Foody
31-Dec *Leap Second Time Adjustment Day Some years scientists do not make adjustments
31-Dec *Make Up Your Mind Day  
31-Dec *New Years Eve Traditional
31-Dec *New Year's Eve Banished Words List  
31-Dec One Voice Day  
31-Dec National Fritters Day Foody
31-Dec *New Year's Dishonor List  
31-Dec *Universal Hour of Peace Day  
31-Dec *World Peace Meditation Day