Critter Holiday List

Holidays Celebrating the Animal Kingdom 

5-Jan Tuesday National Bird Day National
10-Jan Sunday Save the Eagles Day National
14-Jan Thursday National Dress Up Your Pet Day National
16-Jan Saturday Appreciate a Dragon Day Animal/Pet
18-Jan Monday Winnie the Pooh Day Animal/Pet
20-Jan Wednesday Penquin Awareness Day National
21-Jan Thursday Squirrel Appreciation Day National
22-Jan Friday National Answer Your Cat's Question Day National
24-Jan Sunday Change a Companion Animal's Life  Day National
27-Jan Wednesday Bald Eagle Appreciation Day National
28-Jan Thursday Rattlesnake Round Up National
29-Jan Friday Seeing Eye Guide Dog Birthday 1929 National
1-Feb Monday Serpent Day National
2-Feb Tuesday Groundhog Day National
2-Feb Tuesday Sled Dog Day National
2-Feb Tuesday Hedgehog Day National
3-Feb Wednesday Cordova Ice Worm Day World
13-Feb Saturday World Whale Day World
14-Feb Sunday Great Back Yard Bird Count Animal/Pet
14-Feb Sunday National Nestbox Week National
15-Feb Monday National Hippo Day National
17-Feb Wednesday Champion Crab Races Day Animal/Pet
18-Feb Thursday Cow Milked while Flying in an Airplane Day Animal/Pet
20-Feb Saturday World Pangolin Day World
22-Feb Monday Love Your Pet Day National
22-Feb Monday Spay Day USA National
23-Feb Tuesday International Dog Biscuit Day International
27-Feb Saturday Polar Bear Day International
1-Mar Tuesday National Horse Protection Day National
1-Mar Tuesday National Pig Day National
2-Mar Wednesday Porky Pig's Birthday (1937) FUN !
3-Mar Thursday World Wildlife Day World
7-Mar Monday National Aardvark Week National
14-Mar Monday Learn About Butterflies Day National
14-Mar Monday Save a Spider Day Animal/Pet
15-Mar Tuesday Buzzard Day Animal/Pet
16-Mar Wednesday National Panda Day National
20-Mar Sunday World Frog Day World
20-Mar Sunday World Sparrow Day World
22-Mar Tuesday International Day of the Seal International
23-Mar Wednesday National Puppy Day National
30-Mar Wednesday Manatee Appreciation Day National
2-Apr Saturday National Ferret Day National
2-Apr Saturday National Birding Day National
3-Apr Sunday Ape Day (Jane Goodall's Birthday) FUN !
4-Apr Monday World Rat Day World
7-Apr Thursday International Beaver Day International
8-Apr Friday Draw a Picture of a Bird Day Animal/Pet
8-Apr Friday Zoo Lovers Day Animal/Pet
11-Apr Monday Companion Animal Day Animal/Pet
14-Apr Thursday National Dolphin Day National
16-Apr Saturday Save the Elephant Day World
17-Apr Sunday International Bat Appreciation Day International
19-Apr Tuesday National Animal Cracker Day National
19-Apr Tuesday Pet Owner's Day Animal/Pet
21-Apr Thursday Bulldogs are Beautiful Day National
22-Apr Friday Earth Day National
24-Apr Sunday World Day for Animals in Laboratories World
24-Apr Sunday Sylvester the Cat's Birthday FUN !
25-Apr Monday World Penguin Day World
26-Apr Tuesday Audubon Day International
26-Apr Tuesday National Help a Horse Day National
27-Apr Wednesday Woody Woodpecker Day FUN !
30-Apr Saturday World Veterinary Day World
30-Apr Saturday National Animal Advocacy Day National
1-May Sunday Save the Rhino Day National
3-May Tuesday Hug Your Cat Day Animal/Pet
4-May Wednesday International Respect for Chickens Day International
4-May Wednesday Bird Day National
8-May Sunday National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day National
13-May Friday Frog Jumping Day Animal/Pet
14-May Saturday International Migratory Bird Day International
15-May Sunday International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day International
15-May Sunday Dinosaur Day National
16-May Monday National Sea Monkey Day National
20-May Friday Endangered Species Day National
23-May Monday International Turtle Day International
23-May Monday Sea Turtle Day National
23-May Monday World Turtle Day World
28-May Saturday Whooping Crane Day National
28-May Saturday Slugs Return to Capistrano Day Animal/Pet
29-May Sunday Pink Flamingo Day Animal/Pet
30-May Monday International Hug Your Cat Day International
8-Jun Wednesday International Day for Elephants in Zoos International
9-Jun Thursday Donald Duck Day FUN !
10-Jun Friday National Black Cow Day National
12-Jun Sunday World Pet Memorial Day World
14-Jun Tuesday World Sea Turtle Day World
21-Jun Tuesday Cuckoo Warning Day National
24-Jun Friday Take Your Dog to Work Day National
1-Jul Friday American Zoo Day National
10-Jul Sunday Do Not Step on a Bee Day Animal/Pet
10-Jul Sunday Coral Reef Awareness Week National
11-Jul Monday All American Pet Photo Day National
12-Jul Tuesday Cow Appreciation Day National
15-Jul Friday I Love Horses Day Animal/Pet
15-Jul Friday Shark Awareness Day National
16-Jul Saturday World Snake Day World
21-Jul Thursday Monkey Day Animal/Pet
22-Jul Friday Rat Catcher's Day National
23-Jul Saturday Mosquito Day Animal/Pet
29-Jul Friday International Tiger Day International
31-Jul Sunday Mutt's Day National
7-Aug Sunday Sea Serpent Day Animal/Pet
10-Aug Wednesday Spoil Your Dog Day Animal/Pet
11-Aug Thursday World Lion Day World
12-Aug Friday World Elephant Day World
14-Aug Sunday World Lizard Day World
19-Aug Friday World Orangutan Day World
20-Aug Saturday International Homeless Animals Day International
20-Aug Saturday National Honey Bee Day National
20-Aug Saturday National Homeless Animals Day National
22-Aug Monday National Take Cats to the Vet Day National
26-Aug Friday National Dog Day National
30-Aug Tuesday International Whale Shark Day
3-Sep Saturday National Hummingbird Day National
4-Sep Sunday National Wildlife Day National
6-Sep Tuesday Pink Panther's Birthday FUN !
8-Sep Thursday National Iguana Awareness Day National
9-Sep Friday Teddy Bear Day National
11-Sep Sunday Pet Memorial Day National
16-Sep Friday Road Runner and Wiley E Coyote Birthday FUN !
17-Sep Saturday International Red Panda Day International
22-Sep Thursday Elephant Appreciation Day National
22-Sep Thursday World Rhino Day World
24-Sep Saturday National Bluebird of Happiness Day National
24-Sep Sunday Fish Amnesty Day Animal/Pet
26-Sep Monday Shamu the Whale Day Animal/Pet
29-Sep Thursday Happy Goose Day Animal/Pet
30-Sep Friday International Rabbit Day (TBA) International
30-Sep Friday Save the Koala Day National
1-Oct Saturday International Raccoon Appreciation Day International
2-Oct Sunday World Farm Animals Day World
3-Oct Monday Butterfly and Hummingbird Day National
4-Oct Tuesday World Animal Day World
20-Oct Thursday International Sloth Day International
21-Oct Friday Reptile Awareness Day Animal/Pet
23-Oct Sunday Mole Day Animal/Pet
26-Oct Wednesday National Mule Day National
29-Oct Saturday National Cat Day National
2-Nov Wednesday National Mutt Day National
3-Nov Thursday Jellyfish Day Animal/Pet
7-Nov Monday National Hug a Bear Day National
4-Dec Sunday International Cheetah Day International
4-Dec Sunday World Wildlife Conservation Day World
10-Dec Saturday National Day of Animal Rights National
13-Dec Tuesday National Day of the Horse National
14-Dec Wednesday Monkey Day National
27-Dec Tuesday Visit the Zoo Day National